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Freedom CallWords Of Endeavour 15. Apr. 2012
SOiLRemember 15. Apr. 2012
KorpiklaaniVodka Lieblingslied 15. Apr. 2012
Iron SaviorHeavy Metal Never Dies Lieblingslied 15. Apr. 2012
StormwarriorHeading Northe Lieblingslied 15. Apr. 2012
Amon AmarthFree Will Sacrifice 15. Apr. 2012
Charlie DanielsThe Devil Went Down to Georgia Lieblingslied 15. Apr. 2012
Van CantoKings Of Metal Lieblingslied 15. Apr. 2012
FinntrollUrsvamp 15. Apr. 2012
HeidevolkNehalennia Lieblingslied 15. Apr. 2012
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I'm an unpublished novelist, indolent screenwriter, unlicensed psychologist, metalhead of many genres, CEO of a one-man operation, amateur lumberjack, shotgun tree-surgeon, comparative theologian, avid spiritualist, religious skeptic, and freaking tired what with having no free-time. Despite sleeping one hour a week, I don't make jack squat what with having been disabled from an early age and holding my writing to rigorous standards which no one has yet to meet. Hit me up if you need a manuscript beta-read, proofread, or copyedited. And if you're an illustrator, I've got about a dozen manuscripts for comics. In the meantime, I'll keep working on my impressive collection of rejection letters from every publisher and literary agent on the planet.


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