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Well, there isn't much. I'm 19, born in early May, bilingual (English & French, I speak both fluently), and live in France, right next to the Swiss border. I love to party, hang with friends and head out to Geneva for some movies, drinks, etc ;D

I suspended my Facebook account because of upcoming exams, and as you all may already know, Facebook is an incredible time-killer.... it distracts me to the point where I stay online until 10pm, and then suddenly I'd realise I got a crapload of homework to finish up. Also, it's good to resist the temptation. But after my exam years, (which'll mean in a year) I'll reactivate my account. So if you're willing to connect with me, you might have to wait a bit. Sorry! You're more than welcome to add me as a friend on though :)

So, that's about it!

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