Arctic Circle Radio - new on Chill tonight (and online any time!)


26. Mai. 2009, 16:29

I am very excited that we have TWO brand new shows starting tonight on Chill. They have been a very long time in the making, under the careful craftsmanship of Chiller Cabinet maker Ben Eshmade.

Ben has been working with chilled artists to produce unique events called "Arctic Circle" for some years now, and he has been finding amazing soundtracks and songs along the way.

The music is all beautiful, but some didn't quite fit the Chiller Cabinet. In fact, it is so varied that it didn't really fit one show at all - so Ben made two:

"The Hut" (Tuesdays 10pm, Friday night/Saturday morning midnight) - here is how Ben describes it: "A weekly velvety soft sonic celebration brought to you by Arctic Circle Radio. The Hut is a refuge, a cocoon of the finest in new music, spinning a warm glow from the outer-reaches of the snowy wastelands. Presented and produced by Ben Eshmade (with additional sounds and magic from Sone Institute), the Hut is a one-hour transmission from an intensely beautiful musical world."

"The Circle" (Tuesdays 11pm, Friday night/Saturday morning 1am) - "Brought to you by Arctic Circle Radio, the Circle is a new weekly pad-cast that takes you on a one-hour journey based on the most simple and significant of shapes. Every Circle is unique; formed from a guest curator’s musical landscape and they all share the same revolutionary quality: each one ends at the point where it began."

One of the best things about these new shows is that Ben has put in the hard work with artists and labels to let you hear them online at any time, and even download them as free podcasts.

To see the tracklists and get the shows for yourself, join Ben at

The Chiller Cabinet remains on Chill, Thursdays 10pm and Saturday night/Sunday morning at midnight.

Please let us know what you think of the music - I hope it helps you chill with us tonight!



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