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Über mich

Sara, 22, UK.

Never really know what to put on these bloody 'About Me' things. How does one describe oneself in a mere few sentences, let alone a box!?

This is the music I like. I'd like to think of myself as a grunge girl with a dark heart. Grunge was my first love affair and I still love it today, although I've moved on from wearing checkered shirts and ripped jeans.

I also love all things 'dark' and 'gothic'. I feel that it's something that fits me perfectly. :) Gothic music has a broad spectrum and I love all of the music associated with it, from industrial cyber ebm stuff to 80's goth rock. :)

I love Japanese music too, mainly the rock/visual-kei stuff, but I do love me some J-Pop as well. My favourite Japanese band are Dir en grey and I've been lucky enough to see them live twice (and have Toshiya, the bassist, point to me and smile too. I'm a lucky, lucky girl!).

I like most music genres and try to keep an open mind and I'm partial to some pop music however here are some artists and genres I don't like simply because it's poison to my ears. So you won't find any One Direction, Justin Bieber or JLS on here. Eeew.

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