• I Love the Internet

    29. Mär. 2007, 5:57

    I've recently been totally overwhelmed by the world of music. I've been soulseeking and megauploading for a good while now, but somehow it's only been within the last week or two that I've grasped the sheer amount and scope of music that's available if you know where to look. Every time I sit down at my computer, during a lunch break, while hanging out late at night, I can't help but download albums almost continuously. For the most part I can successfully find any artist I'm looking for, and I keep stumbling across more and more blogs posting everything I've never heard of. New releases like World's End Girlfriend's Hurtbreak Wonderland seem to make things even better. It simply puts me in awe, the incredible things out there, everyday. Of course now I'm going to need to get an external HD, as I'm quickly filling up my laptop. I know plently of people are well past this point, and know the real great secrets of the internet. But for me, I couldn't be happier about the sounds that come out of my speakers all day. So glad it's spring.

    Some of my favorite artists I've found recently:
    Panda Bear

    I could go on and on there, but it doesn't really matter.

    Some of the blogs I've been relishing:

    Everyone have a good time listening to whatever it is they're finding out there.
  • Lips Show

    2. Sep. 2006, 17:26

    Saw The Flaming Lips last night, along with Sonic Youth. And two other bands that were pretty mediocre. We somehow managed to get seats right in the middle of the ninth row. Sonic Youth came on the stage before it even got dark out, and started playing before I even registered what was happening. And for a moment I was just sitting there contemplating those rediculous guitar melodies. For all the talk about Rather Ripped being more toned down and popy, there was still an awful lot of noise shaping with elaborite feedback and effects. At one point, there were four instruments all being held against amps, creating a good minute or two of varing wailings and drones. Eventually swaying across the stage, virtually sculpting the sound, all before fading into Do You Believe In Rapture. And Thursten Moore apparently doesn't age, though Kim rather looked like some sort of banshee hopping and twirling about.
    Eventually the stage began to take shape for The Flaming Lips, and I have to say there's nothing quite as suspensful as watching giant confetti machines and light devices being carried out before you. And then the Santa dancers, and superheros, and it all just kept getting more and more insane.
    Then, it started.
    Opened with Race For The Prize, with Captain America launching countless giant balloons out into the crowd. It was really everything I'd heard about the Flaming Lips live show. Just blissfully exciting, everyone singing along and waving through confetti, and a really good mix of new and old songs. Towards the end of the show, Wayne explained how usually when they play a show theres as much pot smoke coming towards the stage as coming from the fog machine. Because apparently there was an unusally low amount of pot at that point, so Wayne told everyone that as long as they were playing pot was legal, and everyone should live it up. Applause almost as thunderous as the bands speech against the Bush administration preceding The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song.
    But out of that whole magical outburst of happiness, I thought the most incredible part of the specticle was Wayne strapping a strobe light to his chest and singing out of a smoking megaphone. The lights created this amazing wavy effect in the smoke, and it looked like some sort of warped laser beam ripping out of his chest. Pretty much amazing.
  • Hummingbird

    9. Jun. 2006, 2:53

    Last night I was lucky enough to see radiohead in Toronto, and I have to say, it was pretty amazing. Though our seats were way back in the balcony, it wasn't really too far away because the theater itself was relatively small.
    After the brilliant opening with 'You And Whose Army?'(with all the screens of thome looking crazy n bug-eyed), the show took right off and was just filled with intense music. It was actually startling how tight and almost automatic the band sounded, and it seemed like every few songs would climax into these amazing high streams of noise.
    Though there were plenty of drunks hollering at the band during quiet moments (like Exit Music), which was pretty awful. And as far as the many new songs, I was mostly impressed if not a little surprised at their slight return to more guitar-driven rock. I could almost say there were a few songs I didn't like, but there new songs that seemed perfectly beautiful too. Don't really know the names, but I think '4 Minute Warning' was one of the best new songs.
    My other favorite bits were There There (with all those drums!), and Pyramid Song (Disco lights and the lovely sound of a bow on guitar). And everything else really, even after six encore songs I still wished it had been longer.
    But even when the show ended, I was still grinnig when Jonny and Ed left the stage leaving their guitars buzzing franticlly.Radiohead
  • Radiohead & Coachella

    7. Mai. 2006, 4:54

    Well this whole thing looks pretty neat. And as far as interesting music happenings, I got Radiohead tickets this morning. Which is really exciting (because those things sell out it seconds aparently). And I got that Coachella movie too. It's got some really great stuff in it, as well as some less than great stuff, but it's still cool.