Discoveries: Month of May 2012. [5/01/12]


1. Mai. 2012, 20:34

Latest Discoveries & Purchases
Wow, last month I hit an all-time high (in my four? months of posting my discoveries) of one hundred album discoveries! Wow! Hopefully I can continue my amazing streak of discoveries this month. As always, I am open to any recommendations, simply post here (comment), on my channel or send me a message!

4 Album discoveries.
2 Artist discoveries.

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[J] - Jazz
[JF] - Jazz Fusion
[HR] - Hard Rock
[BR] - Blues Rock
[AP] - Avant-Prog
[TM] - Thrash Metal
[DM] - Doom Metal
[HM] - Heavy Metal
[PWM] - Power Metal
[IM] - Instrumental Metal
[PR] - Progressive Rock
[POR] - Post-Rock
[PM] - Progressive Metal
[PSR] - Psychedelic Rock
[SR & SM] - Stoner Rock or Metal

[PR] Aphrodite's Child - "666"
[PR] Flash - "Out of Our Hands"
[PR] Magic Pie - "Circus of Life"
[PM] Redemption - "This Mortal Coil"

-smells your hair-

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