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1. Apr. 2012, 15:36

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If you are viewing this list - please, view these at your pleasure; the albums listed here are mainly of three genres: jazz, progressive rock and heavy metal - and have any recommendations for me, please, by all means, send me a message or comment on this journal. I am running desperately low (haha, not really) on resources to discover new bands, and people's contributions are always a plus! Thanks..

100 Album discoveries.
64 Artist discoveries.

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[J] - Jazz
[JF] - Jazz Fusion
[HR] - Hard Rock
[BR] - Blues Rock
[AP] - Avant-Prog
[TM] - Thrash Metal
[DM] - Doom Metal
[HM] - Heavy Metal
[PWM] - Power Metal
[IM] - Instrumental Metal
[PR] - Progressive Rock
[POR] - Post-Rock
[PM] - Progressive Metal
[PSR] - Psychedelic Rock
[SR & SM] - Stoner Rock or Metal

[PR] Czar - "Czar"
[PR] Everon - "Bridge"
[PR] Focus - "Focus 3"
[IM] Bulb - Discography
[IM] John 5 - "Requiem"
[HR] Paladin - "Paladin"
[PSY] Beckett - "Beckett"
[HR] Paladin - "Charge!"
[HR] Maypole - "Maypole"
[PR] Everon - "Fantasma"
[IM] Dixie Dregs - "What If"
[IM] Simbelmynë - "Trillim"
[HR] Free - "Tons of Sobs"
[PR] Crucible - "Tall Tales"
[PR] Titus Groan - "...Plus"
[JF] OHMphrey - "Posthaste"
[HM] Slough Feg - "Traveller"
[PR] Galahad - "Battle Scars"
[JF] Ohm: - "Circus of Sound"
[IM] Neil Zaza - "Clyde the Cat"
[PSY] Monobrow - "Monobrow"
[IM] On Impact - "On Impact EP"
[PR] Carpe Nota - "Carpe Nota"
[IM] Spastic ink - "Ink Complete"
[DM] Solitude Aeturnus - "Alone"
[IM] Wanzwa - "The Boogieman"
[HR] Slough Feg - "Ape Uprising!"
[IM] Michael Harris - "Orchestrate"
[PR] Focus - "Live At the Rainbow"
[IM] terraformer - "The Sea Shaper"
[IM] Mike Orlando - "Sonic Stomp II"
[IM] Spiralmountain - "Immemorial"
[IM] Dan Johansen - "Life Systems"
[PM] Pharaoh - "The Longest Night"
[IM] Intervals - "The Space Between"
[IM] Tony Hernando - "Actual Events"
[DM] The Obsessed - "Lunar Womb"
[HR] Neil Merryweather - "Kryptonite"
[JF] Jan Akkerman - "Live In Concert"
[BR] Rory Gallagher - Live In Europe"
[IM] Jeff Loomis - "Zero Order Phase"
[PR] Unitopia - "One Night in Europe"
[IM] Dixie Dregs - "Dregs of the Earth"
[HR] Heavy Cruiser - "Wonder Wheel"
[PSY] Fable - "Get the "L" Outta Here!"
[HR] Daemon - "The Entrance to Hell"
[IM] Spiralmountain - "Spiralmountain"
[HM] Necromandus - "Orexis of Death"
[IM] Tony MacAlpine - "Tony MacAlpine"
[PR] Life Line Projects - "The Journey"
[HM] Manowar - "Warriors of the World"
[JF] Martone - "When the Aliens Come"
[IM] Animals As Leaders - "Weightless"
[PR] Ian Anderson - "Thick As A Brick 2"
[PM] DragonForce - "The Power Within"
[IM] Assimilated Mind Phase - "OMEGA"
[PR] Spock's Beard - "The X Tour - Live"
[IM] A Cosmic Trail - "The Outer Planes"
[IM] Angel Vivaldi - "Universal Language"
[DM] Spirit Caravan - "The Last Embrace"
[IM] Scarlet Citadel - "The Scarlet Citadel"
[IM] Uranian - "La Ciudad de los Sueños"
[DM] While Heaven Wept - "Fear of Infinity"
[PR] Barock Project – "Coffee In Neukölln"
[PM] Periphery - "Periphery (Instrumental)"
[DM] Dawn of Winter- "The Peaceful Dead"
[IM] Keith Merrow - "Awaken the Stone King"
[J] Dave Weckl - "Live (And Very Plugged In)"
[SM] Corrosion of Conformity - "Deliverance"
[HM] The Flying Hat Band - "Buried Together"
[IM] Jardín de la Croix - "Ocean Cosmonauts"
[POR] And So I Watch You From Afar - "Gangs"
[PR] Ego on the Rocks - "Acid In Wounderland"
[DM] While Heaven Wept - "Of Empires Forlorn"
[SR] Karma to Burn - "Appalachian Incantation"
[IM] Outrun the Sunlight - "The Return of Inertia"
[IM] Paul Wardingham - "Assimilate Regenerate"
[HR] Edgar Broughton Band - "The Harvest Years"
[DM] Heart of Cygnus - "Over Mountain, Under Hill"
[BR] Foxy Shazam - "The Church of Rock and Roll"
[IM] Blotted Science - "The Machinations of Dementia"
[DM] While Heaven Wept - "Vast Oceans Lachrymose"
[PR] After Crying - "Megalázottak és Megszomorítottak"
[HR] Brownsville Station - "Smokin' in the Boys Room"
[PR] Arjen Anthony Lucassen - "Lost In The New Real"
[JF] Lukather & Winter - "Live At North Sea Jazz Festival"
[PR] Quantum Fantay - "Bridges of the Old Fishingmine"
[IM] Assimilated Mind Phase - "Involuntary Deconstruction"
[DM] While Heaven Wept - "Triumph:Tragedy:Transcendence"
[POR] And So I Watch You From Afar - "And So I Watch You From Afar"
[PR] Hostsonaten - "The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner - Chapter One"
[HR] White Boy & the Average Rat Band - "White Boy & the Average Rat Band"

I was going to continue providing links for each artist, but it got to be a hassle when ordering it up. No thank you!


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