Blessure GraveThe Cycle Lieblingslied November 2013
Billy Club SandwichSlow With Your Hands Lieblingslied Juli 2013
MerelWaiting For A Fist Fight First Lieblingslied Juli 2013
Julia(Unknown) Lieblingslied Juni 2013
Kool KeithSupergalactic Lover Lieblingslied Mai 2013
Split LipShow and Tell Lieblingslied Mai 2013
EmpathyShade (Just More Than Enough) Lieblingslied Mai 2013
Ruined FamiliesHuman Fence Lieblingslied Mai 2013
On The Might of PrincesJuliana-Taking The Long Way Home Lieblingslied Mai 2013
OrchidA Written Apology Lieblingslied Mai 2013
You and ITwo Down, One to Go Lieblingslied Mai 2013
RorschachMandible Lieblingslied Mai 2013
I Would Set Myself on Fire for YouChinese Freeze Tag Lieblingslied Mai 2013
You'll LiveIf Only You Knew Lieblingslied Mai 2013
You'll LiveMaybe You Were Right Lieblingslied Mai 2013
Texas Is the ReasonA Jack With One Eye Lieblingslied Mai 2013
Spirit AssemblyIngestion Lieblingslied Mai 2013
Dr. OctagonGirl Let Me Touch You Lieblingslied August 2012
Flying LotusComet Course Lieblingslied Juli 2012
Beach HouseWalk in the Park Lieblingslied Januar 2012
UnBrokenUnheard Lieblingslied Juni 2011
The PineSore Eyelids Lieblingslied Juni 2011
BunkbedMe Or You Lieblingslied Juni 2011
DJ ScrewServin A Duece (20-2-Life) Lieblingslied Mai 2011
I Hate MyselfCaught in a Flood With the Captain of the Cheerleading Squad Lieblingslied Mai 2011
ThreadbareMidas Lieblingslied April 2011
Manic Street Preachers4st 7lb Lieblingslied März 2011
GardinIn Between Dreams Lieblingslied Oktober 2010
Black FlagThe Swinging Man Lieblingslied September 2010
The SmithsI Don't Owe You Anything Lieblingslied September 2010
R.E.M.Man on the Moon Lieblingslied September 2010
Band of HorsesFactory Lieblingslied September 2010
FlipperEver Lieblingslied August 2010
BathsApologetic Shoulderblades Lieblingslied Juni 2010
The HatedNot Mine Lieblingslied Januar 2010
CodeineWashed Up Lieblingslied Januar 2010
Codeinemedian Lieblingslied November 2009
I Hate MyselfTo a Husband At War Lieblingslied November 2009