• Metric/Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton Survey

    1. Jan. 2009, 12:33

    Pick artist, use song titles to answer questions.

    Artist: Metric/Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton

    01. Are you male or female?
    Poster of a Girl

    02. Describe yourself?

    03. How do you feel about yourself?
    Nothing and Nowhere

    04. Describe what you are thinking right now?
    Grow Up and Blow Away

    05. Describe where you currently live?
    Bottom of the World

    06. If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
    London Halflife

    07. Your best friend is?
    Doctor Blind

    08. What would you ask for/do if you had just one wish?
    Crowd Surf Off a Cliff

    09. You know that:
    The Maid Needs a Maid

    10. What's the weather like?
    Our Hell

    11. If your life was a television show, what would it be called?
    Mostly Waving

    12. What is life to you?
    Dead Disco

    13. What is the best advice you have to give?
    Live It Out

    14. If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
    Combat Baby

    Well that fitted quite well!
  • Shuffle Quiz

    31. Aug. 2008, 14:55

    This is what Sunday's do to you...

    How does the world see me?
    Where Is Your Heart
    A cold hearted bitch who they don't believe? Possibly...

    Will I have a happy life?
    Our Hell
    Well she says our hell is a good life... But no, probably not haha.

    What do my friends really think of me?
    Take It To Manhattan
    They've had enough of me it seems.

    Do people secretly lust after me?
    The Day That I Die
    ...... "All alone but I feel fine" This doesn't really fit haha but we'll go with no.

    How can I make myself happy?
    GC again. How strange! "Everybody needs somebody that they can trust in..." I guess by trusting people I will be happy.

    What should I do with my life?
    Rooms On Fire
    "Somewhere out in the back of your mind
    Comes your real life and the life that you know"

    I don't know, but the back of my mind will tell me.

    Will I ever have children?
    "I wish that you'd grow up." No?

    What is some good advice for me?
    Your Own Disaster
    "Just forget me, it's that simple." Amen.

    How will I be remembered?
    What's My Age Again?
    As somebody who is far too immature.

    What is my signature dance song?
    Don't Fear the Reaper
    How can you possibly dance to that?

    What do I think my current theme song is?
    Coma White
    Talk about depressing!
    "A pill to make you numb, a pill to make you dumb, a pill to make you anybody else but all the drugs in this world won't save her from herself."
    I'd like to think I don't need to be saved from myself anymore.

    What song will play at my funeral?

    Come running to me
    When things get out of hand
    Running to me
    When it's more than you can stand

    It's sweet but don't fear the reaper would have been more apt haha.

    What type of men do I like?
    About Falling
    None, because "I don't really give a damn about falling in love".

    Where will you meet your husband?
    Casey's Song
    I don't know.

    Where will you hug your husband for the first time?
    Who Will Save Us Now
    As he's about to go to war?

    What's your secret dream?
    Broken Hearts, Torn Up Letters And The Story Of A Broken Girl
    "You'll never fall in love if you don't fall at all".
    Falling in love perhaps.

    What song best describes you at your drunkest?
    Where the Streets Have No Name
    I want to tear down the walls...

    What will actually kill you?
    Get Me Away from Here, I'm Dying
    No one, I shall escape mwahaha.

    Who will be your slave?

    What will you look like at 80 years of age?
    I shall be dead!

    Where will you meet your life's nemesis?
    Get Better
    These are really not matching up. I won't.

    Where did your parents 'create' you?
    These Streets
    Glenfield Road

    What will happen to you tonight, after you go to sleep?
    Just Tonight
    I'll feel regret?

    What is the meaning of your life?
    I Put The "Metro" In Metronome
    I don't break hearts, I just dent them.

    What will be the meaning of your death?
    Made A Quite Impressive Noise
    "But the truth's I still don't know who to blame,
    'cause there's blood all over my tie.
    I tried to make you run that fast,
    but sweetie i, caught you in another lie,
    and now you're gonna have to pay for your sins."

    What do you hate the most?
    Take Lots With Alcohol
    "But the pains in my head have almost put me
    I don't really care if I'm healthy or not
    Just clean my head up doc"


    What do you love the best?
    Lyrical Lies
    Your body on my mattress is proof.

    What makes you feel like jumping out the window?
    This place is so empty, my thoughts are so tempting...

    Who would you like to have a tea party with?
    I Will Follow You Into The Dark
    Amy Millan it seems!

    If you could do anything you wanted, what would be the first thing you'd do?
    The Secret's In The Telling
    Tell a secret and take a chance tonight.

    Recent obsessions/problems?
    I've Got This Ringing In My Ears And None On My Fingers
    Haha so true. Someone marry me and get it over with before I'm stuck on a shelf.

    If they were going to make a movie about you, what would it be titled?
    You Never Know

    This Halloween, your costume will be...
    Let's pick a spaceship.

    What are people's reactions when they see me for the very first time?
    Truly Madly Deeply
    That I'll be their dream, wish and fantasy? Hahaha.

    With whom am I going to spend my life?
    The Pros and Cons of Breathing
    "I wish that I was as invisible as you make me feel."
    With someone who does not care for me.

    What will I be doing in a few years?
    Speeding Cars
    Running through rows of cars and trying to convince people not to kill themselves. Sounds familiar.

    What is my sexual preference?
    Haha "But I find it hard to love you girl
    When you're far away"
    Afraid not...

    What is my fetish?
    The bitter taste of losing everything.

    What am I afraid of?
    The River
    I've done a lot of things wrong but I swear I'm a believer...

    How will my dreams come true?
    "Wake up dreamer
    It's happening without you"

    Very true.

    What will tomorrow be like?
    Drugs or Me
    A sad day where promises are broken.

    What is the story of my life?
    The Bakery
    Liking someone who doesn't know you exist.

    What are my friends like?
    You're So Vain
    Haha ouch. Perhaps true for some... *whistles*

    Finally done. I insist on listening to the songs all the way through so it took forever. And doesn't make much sense but whatever. Feel free to do the same.
  • 10 most played artists.

    19. Nov. 2006, 14:33

    Name your top 10 most played artists on

    1. Brand New
    2. Taking Back Sunday
    3. Fall Out Boy
    4. +44
    5. Funeral for a Friend
    6. Dashboard Confessional
    7. Placebo
    8. Tegan and Sara
    9. The Ataris
    10. Sugarcult

    Now answer the questions according to the numbers:

    -What was the first song you ever heard by 6?
    Oh boy. Urm. Vindicated I think.

    -What is your favourite album by 2?
    Where You Want To Be

    -What are your favourite lyrics by 5?

    "Just to say we're sorry
    For the black eyes and bleeding lips
    When it's hard to forget
    How many lies we told,
    Or how we'd grow
    Before I said goodbye
    So lets scrape our knees on the playground..."

    -How many times have you seen 4 live?
    I haven't :(

    -What is your favourite song by 7?
    Nancy Boy, Every You Every Me, Song To Say Goodbye...

    -What is a good memory you have considering the music of 10?
    Urm. They were supporting GC the first time I ever saw them and I was so excited to see GC... so it brings back happy times, even if I don't like GC much anymore.

    -Is there a song of 3 that makes you sad?
    Nope I don't think so.

    -What are your favourite lyrics by 2?
    "I hold my tongue use it to assess,
    The damage from way back when it mattered,
    But nothing seems important anymore,
    We’re just protecting ourselves from our self,
    And I don’t think I’ll ever come back down"

    -What is your favourite song by 9?
    My Reply.

    -How did you get into 3?
    Oooh gosh. Online I think, a coupel of years back.

    -What was the first song you heard by 1?
    Sic Transit Gloria... or it could have been Soco Amaretto Lime...

    -What is your favourite song by 4?
    Baby Come On

    -How many times have you seen 9 live?
    Never :(

    -What is a good memory you have concerning 2?
    Aww TBS. Me and Ben shimmying along to them at some point.

    -Is there a song of 8 that makes you sad?
    Fix You Up

    -What is your favourite album by 5?
    Urm. Hours.

    -What are your favourite lyrics by 3?
    "Let’s play this game called “when you catch fire”
    I wouldn’t piss to put you out
    Stop burning bridges and drive off of them
    So I can forget about you"

    -What is your favourite song by 1?
    Argh so many :( The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot...

    -What is your favourite song by 10?
    Bouncing Off The Walls

    -How many times have you seen 8 live?
    0 again.

    -What is your favourite album by 1?
    Deja Entendu but The Devil & God is catching up...

    -What is a great memory you have considering 9?
    I don't think I have one. I have bad memories I guess. When someone felt like dying and someone recommended that song...