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Taylor SwiftLove Story 8. Jul. 2009
Lady GagaLoveGame 26. Jun. 2009
BasshunterBoten Anna (Radio Edit) 21. Mai. 2009
BasshunterBoten Anna (Radio Edit) 15. Mai. 2009
Lady GagaLoveGame 15. Mai. 2009
Lady GagaLoveGame 14. Mai. 2009
FloorfillaAnthem #3 Lieblingslied 14. Mai. 2009
BaracudaI Leave The World Today Lieblingslied 14. Mai. 2009
SecondtunezSommaren är här igen (Radio Edit) Lieblingslied 14. Mai. 2009
CascadaBad Boy 14. Mai. 2009
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I like to read, write, listen to music, spend time with friends. I speak four languages: french, spanish, english, and german. I like heavy medal when I'm upset, I like soft rock and pop when I'm kind of sad, I like punk and rock when I'm happer, I like rap and hiphop when I'm hyper. I hate it when people spell my name wrong. I like chocoalte, My favorite food is suated mushrooms, I like Chinese food. My favorite junk food is Flamin' Hot Cheetohs. My favorite color is black. My birthday is May 17. I love anime, but not american anime. I like action and thriller movies. The perfect first date for me would be to a club. Once a relationship starts to get serious, I get serious. I'm very outoing and hyper. Some people say I'm annoying, especially because of my mood swings, but lots of people like me, too. I like getting hugs and giving hugs. I flirt a lot, but I never go too far. i'm a fun-loving, hard-core rocker with an attitude meant to scare (sometimes).

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