The weekly album tip 24 | 2011


11. Jun. 2011, 10:19

Weird Bugger :: PRETTY COOL STUFF for beginners

Use my weekly album tip with caution. One third is OK, one third is realy nice and one third is totaly overdone. This album is very experimental and very interesting. But I think Weird Bugger mixed definitely too much diferent styles together. I pick up the nice one in my list and let you do what you want to do with the others. ;o)
My favs:

This Side Up
First Couple Of Miles
Summit Window
On Wood And Water
Some Healthy Low Calorie Non-Fat Indie Underground Light

Enjoy the hidden tunes of The incredible Independence.

P.S. A smart skip forward player is available on bandcamp


  • weirdbugger

    Thanks for the honour :)

    11. Jun. 2011, 20:15
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