No Longer A Broken Machine, The Almighty Reform!


14. Dez. 2006, 4:13

The Almighty are back!

After a four year hiatus, The Almighty have reformed and returned with what we fans can only hope is the first of many new releases.

After the promising Just Add Life CD back in 1996, The Almighty unfortunately called it quits. Lead vocalist Ricky Warwick experimented by forming another group called [sic], and guitarist Pete Friesen went back to play with Alice Cooper (check him out on Alice's Brutally Live DVD).

As rumour has it, one day ex-Almighty drummer Stumpy Monroe and Mr. Warwick were together when they mutually decided to reform The Almighty.

Unfortunately, not all of the band came back. Bass player extraordinaire Floyd London decided not to. Even though he is the bassist on the newest CD, London left shortly afterward. Also Mr. Pete Friesen did not return at all. Guitarist Nick Parsons has replaced him.

The new Almighty CD is aptly titled The Almighty. Self-titled CDs that aren't the artist�s first release aren't anything new. It's just confusing. Much like Metallica CD (dubbed the 'Black' album) and others, it appears The Almighty have titled this CD to show that the band is beginning fresh and new. While their trademark sounds are present, so much has changed on this CD. Gone are any preconceptions that The Almighty could be an out of date metal band, with flashes of punk. The Almighty ARE punk.

A neat fact about this CD is that The Almighty have returned to using U.K. artist 'Koot' ( to design the cover art. I was first introduced to The Almighty through their CD 'Soul Destruction', also designed by Koot so I was quite happy to revisit his art.

I ordered this CD the day it came out on the Internet. didn't even have it available yet until I wrote to them telling them to get it. After unwrapping this long awaited CD my ears were shocked.

The Almighty have given up any past pretensions of being a metal band and have embraced melodic, punk!

Right from the get go past Almighty fans will recognize The Almighty sound. The Almighty sound is as fresh as ever. Avid fans of The Almighty may have noticed how each album's punk influence becomes more and more apparent. With the new album, it has come full force.

On 'The Almighty', the presence of new guitarist Nick Parsons is immediately felt. Mr. Parsons wrote four songs and co-wrote another two, not bad for a new member. Parson's songs bring fresh taste to The Almighty, something of which I wasn't initially used to. Like many things, I had to acquire it.

Since this is The Almighty's newest CD, there is no way I could possibly listen to it as much as I have their past releases (that's what happens when bands break up for a few years). Here are some songs that instantly caught on with me.

Barfly (Nick Parsons)
Incorrectly titled as Broken Machine at (I emailed them and they corrected it), Barfly was made available as a free MP3 at various music sites on the Internet. This was my first taste of the new Almighty sound. While it rocked, it didn't knock me to the ground like most Almighty tunes do. Perhaps my expectations were too high (it happens when you wait for three years).

Big Black Automatic (Ricky Warwick)
Big Black Automatic is the first song during my first listen that instantly grabbed me. The vocals and guitar in the beginning have everyone I play the song to listen up.

USAK-47 (Ricky Warwick)
The chorus of this song is possibly the best one on the whole CD. I initially started listening to this one at Snake Net Metal Radio ( They have this album available for requests so I did, over and over again. It's an American station so I suppose I requested this one out of friendly spite.

There are more songs I really like on the CD such as 'I'm In Love (With Revenge)' and 'White Anger Comedown' as well.

Overall perhaps familiarity brings me to preferring the tunes penned by Mr. Warwick, heck I've been listening and have memorized his lyrics for years! Nick Parson's I still have to get accustomed to. The strange thing is when listening to the CD you can tell who has written them by the style of lyrics, chorus, or music. Once these two gel completely it'll probably get smoother and better.

The Almighty is a good CD by a great band. While I enjoy most of the songs, some are great, and some are just plain. I look forward to their next release. Two of their albums I feel are superior to The Almighty are Just Add Life and Crank. Check them out.


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