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Über mich

I'm Carter Hurt.
Been around for a long long time (17 years), I'm a man of wealth and taste... well, taste, anyway.
I'm quiet/shy... which can cause problems now and then.
But at least I shred on the guitar (don't ruin my moment).
Basically your typical high school weirdo loner guy.
Except... without the lame trench coat and Tripp pants and school shootings.
When it comes to freaking people out, Satanic imagery is your best friend.
Metallica was awesome back in the 80's, but should have died when they cut their hair for Load.
Hair metal was awesome too, and needs to come back.
I have no religion, except active pickups and tuning below D are deadly sins. (unless you have your fingertips cut off)
If Sabbath with their original lineup and a non-wetbrained Ozzy, Maiden, Slayer, Priest, KISS with their original lineup, Motley Crue, and Def Leppard (also with original lineup + the drummer's missing arm) were all on the same bill at once, the world would probably asplode.

Rock and roll = life.