• RIP Gil Scott- Heron

    28. Mai. 2011, 18:21

    A founding father of spoken word and true hip hop died May 27,2011. We have lost one of the remaining "speakers" of the true mother-tongue of hip hop. His voice will resonate eternally in the heart and minds of his "speakers"; and will continue translate his word across the world.
  • Some thoughts

    16. Dez. 2010, 15:17

    Turning this clock back to the beginning, reminds the memory of the loss that is yet to overcome. The memories stained with hardness, sadness, despair, and fear. At times the thought comes up to creep better to just give up and give in. Stop fighting the good fight, and to lay there in defeat. Going through times of overwhelming joy, and overwhelming paranoia; paranoia that has been debilitating, paralyzing, aggravating. I've traveled thousands of miles in search of me, my truth, my soul. Walking around in circles and pacing around erratically. Staying still long enough to have my fears sneak up like sly slithering snakes stinging me right before I make my next step. Each one taunting me like a thousand wild hyenas beckoning me to make my move, as they swallow in great haste the pieces of my foundation it took so hard to make. And yet, those steps I still take.

    Like Indiana Jones clawing his way through the last crusade, this is the bed I have made. I have vowed to take this torch and keep running. Keep running past all those naysayers, and all those quiet whispers, murmurs that are lining the walls. Seeking the solitude simplicity in sustainability, I will become independent of the dependence on those feign and loathsome beings. Seeking truth in the fiction, this will be my diction. To continue to breathe deep and sigh in the sight of the real relief, washing my soul in the bluest seas, where sincerity and hope swim tenderly; bathing this battered bruised body mellifluously sweet.
  • changing pictures...

    26. Aug. 2010, 13:46

    i seem to enjoy changing up my pictures more often nowadays lol!
  • no more lastfm!!!

    13. Okt. 2009, 3:18

    it's the saddest thing, i can't play lastfm here in mainland...oh the horror!!! does anyone know where i can find free music radio in china!!!???!!!! i'm dying here!
  • New picture!

    13. Aug. 2009, 17:28

    i changed my picture! wow, it was about time!!!
  • it's blitz indeed

    1. Apr. 2009, 20:29

    new Yeah Yeah Yeahs is beyond amazing It's Blitz! the wait was soo worth it
  • I'm fucking starving!!!

    17. Apr. 2008, 17:38

    Next time, when the boss asks if you have lunch plans say YES!!!