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5. Feb. 2011, 1:18

Okay, a few days ago I almost got sick. I mean I nearly got physically sick. Why? No, it wasn't from food. No, it wasn't a virus. No, it wasn't the flu. No, it wasn't any of those things. So what was it? Notice I said "almost".

For years, I used to listen to AFR (American Family Radio). I liked the music. But now they've switched to some talk programming, so I haven't really listened to it as much. And now I'm trying to avoid it as much as possible. So you're asking: why is that? Well, I know those people have always been pretty much on the offensive side of the team when it comes to things like TV and Internet. And I have pretty much just gone along with it the whole time, but not anymore: not since I started listening to another show. Besides, how's your team going to win if you have too much offense and not enough defense?

Back in December, thanks to my favorite singer Natalie Grant, I began listening to "Mercy Multiplied," which is a radio show from Mercy Ministries. If you're not familiar with Mercy, they're a ministry that offers help, hope and healing to girls and young women who struggle with life-controlling issues, like cutting, eating disorders, drug addictions, and all kinds of other entrapments. And you know what? Over the past few weeks I've continued listening to "Mercy Multiplied", my eyes have been opened to a new perspective.

So the other day, I just happened to tune in to AFR, and I also just happened to realize: when it comes to young people, everything is evil. They say this, parents, when it comes to your kids: "Technology is evil. The Internet is evil. TV is evil. Keep your kids away from it all!" Well, okay, so it may not be that harsh; I think I just exaggerated a little bit. But here's my main point: this is what made me want to throw up (but I'm glad I didn't). Why the heck don't you people offer positive alternatives once in a while? Maybe the music used to be a part of that, but it's gone from most of your affiliates now. I mean, if you can preach that there's so much crap to keep your kids sheltered from, for all the garbage that's out there, couldn't you at least offer these kids some good alternatives? Oh sure, there's "The Pond" and "Adventures In Oddessy" (I think I spelled that wrong) and "We Kids," but most of that is for the little ones. I mean, I love "The Pond" and 'Oddessy, but what about other stuff?

This is why I'm making this post. Parents, especially Christian parents who want your kids, especially your daughters, to grow up to be Godly people in a messed-up culture, lights to be shining in the darkness, instead of just totally sheltering your girl from all that stuff, couldn't you find a way to use things like technology for good? I mean, these things are not, in themselves, evil. I use Facebook all the time, but I'm not some "heathen" girl. The only thing that makes social media sites like Facebook any sort of "evil" is really just unsaved people, who don't know God and don't have Jesus in their lives, showing the wickedness that's already in their hearts; and those wicked things just come out in the things they post! Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth (or the keyboard in this case) speaks. Are those not the very words of Jesus (except the part about the keyboard)? And so, if you have desires in your heart for good, when you post on sites, or use the Internet in any way, or whatever your actions are, those actions are just showing the goodness that God puts there. And besides, if you just rip everything away from your kids, they're just going to want it that much more. And the more you forbid, the more they'll rebell. After all, our first parents (Adam and Eve) did the same thing; once sin was given an open door, disobedience and rebellion became natural. And now we're all born into sin, and so your kids will naturally disobey. And it's the parents' job, and responsibility, to teach the good way and correct those inborne habits. And that's all the more reason for giving them an option that is good, pure and right and will make the same of them. That's what God did, and it's what needs to be done here, instead of just ripping it all away. And when they get older, more mature, your hope is that they will just choose the good. God Himself said "I have set before you life and death; choose life."

And yes, there are good role models out there for your young girls. That's part of my reason for posting this particular journal on I've always been a real music buff, so I'm going to list a bunch of artists you can easily access on the site, and from there you can check them out further, whether you're a parent or a daughter yourself; and of course I'm not leaving the boys out here; I'm just putting an emphasis on the girls.

I've already mentioned Natalie Grant. She's my personal favorite singer right now. She's a great role model for girls everywhere; she has a few little daughters of her own. And Nat struggled with bulimia when she was younger. She's a big part of Women of Faith's "Revolve!" Tour, a conference for girls in seventh through twelfth grade. I personally never got the privilege of going, but I understand Nat has spoken at the conference about her past struggle with bulimia and how God in His grace delivered her out of that. She wrote a book called "The Real Me: Being The Girl God Sees". I've never gotten a chance to read the book, either, but she says it's an honest look at her experience with an eating disorder. She also has a song called "The Real Me" from her CD Awaken. Her latest project, and one I personally enjoy very much, is called Love Revolution. Natalie is a sweet gal with a spectacular voice, an inspiring, motivating writer, a passionate speaker with a beautiful heart for God. If you're a parent of a daughter, I think your girl will fall in love with her music as I personally have. Nat's big on being a worldchanger, and I think songs like "What Are You Waiting For," "Daring To Be," "I Will Not Be Moved" and "Human" will ignite the same kind of passion. She's got a lot more music than that, but I need to give you some other artists.

Check out Britt Nicole. She's a young gal with a great voice (actually she can really sing with just an acoustic set), a great heart for stepping out on faith, and well...just fun music! :) She has two regular studio CD's: "Say It" and "The Lost Get Found". In addition, she has an Acoustic EP that features toned-down versions of five tracks from her first two albums and a new song. Some songs from Britt: "Walk On The Water," "Set The World On Fire," "Glow," "Headphones" and "Don't Worry Now". Girls, you won't be disappointed with Britt; she's just cool! :)

Meredith Andrews is another of my personal favorites. This gal is a pure worship leader who can make good Christian pop music and beautiful songs about being in the presence of God. She has a beautiful voice. Her two CD's are "The Invitation" and "As Long As It Takes".

Kerrie Roberts is a new girl on the Christian music sceene. Her debut CD, which is just Kerrie Roberts features a radio single called "No Matter What". I don't have a copy of her CD...yet, but I've heard some of her other songs on this site; they sound lovely, and she's got a great voice too. If you're still unconvinced, she's a preacher's kid!

BarlowGirl is a group of three sisters who are totally Christian and they totally rock! They have songs about self-image, like "Mirror", and they take a stance on purity. Parents, your girls need to listen to this stuff; and girls, if you like girl rockers, the Barlow sisters are for you! :)

Some others are Cadia, , Inhabited, Plumb, Superchic[k], Fireflight, Francesca Battistelli, Bethany Dillon, pureNRG, Jump5, ZOEgirl, Rachael Lampa, Sarah Reeves, Kari Jobe, Laura Story and Mandisa. Some of those mentioned haven't been around for a while, but that doesn't really matter because their music can still make an impact. And I'll mention a couple songs from guys that deal with a girl's inner beauty: these are "Beautiful" by MercyMe and "More Beautiful You by Jonny Diaz. Also Mandisa sings about it in a neat little song of hers called "True Beauty"; Bethany Dillon also has a song called "Beautiful". If you want to dealve into the heavy side of that, Superchic[k] has a song called Courage that deals with the subject of eating disorders. And dealing with the issue of cutting, I mentioned Inhabited; I understand they have a special ministry to cutters. Also, Plumb has a song called "Cut". And there's a song by Britt Nicole called "When She Cries" that talks about a young girl who cuts, but ultimately finds peace in Jesus.

I hope I've given parents and their kids, especially the girls, some good role models here. I hope when a young girl gets to an age where she can understand the words that she might be singing along with and she says "I want to be like that," I hope it's a message like what one of these gals delivers. I'm looking forward to any comments you might have for this journal entry so we can maybe have a little discussion about this. God bless you all! :)
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