• strongarm

    I am interested in the code son!

    30. Jul. 2006, 21:11
  • Anrky

    kinda neat... kinda buggy... :)

    30. Jul. 2006, 22:13
  • IanAR

    ... I'd like to see a Greasemonkey solution to this. - Ian

    31. Jul. 2006, 23:37
  • C26000

    i'd like to see greasemonkey solution too , but while this happens i'll use the extra stats :), anyway i did it in so little time that i won't feel sorry if it becomes obsolete. but i think that a greasemonkey solution for the AEP may be so easy to do , that calculation only needs one xml of data and the formula is really simple . The cloud and the How ... am I are more complex to obtain.

    31. Jul. 2006, 23:57
  • CerealBoy

    This is awesome... Thanx heaps... And thought you might like to know, I'm running Vista Beta 2 at the moment and it's running great for me... Nice job!

    20. Aug. 2006, 4:41
  • C26000

    its not necessary, you can decompress it any folder

    22. Aug. 2006, 4:08
  • C26000

    @CerealBoy Thanks about the vista info!, nice to see that someone is actually using this, i think that you are the first one who made his tag cloud using the extra stats :)

    22. Aug. 2006, 4:38
  • Orange_Boy

    Sounds like a good program. Will try it out :D

    22. Aug. 2006, 10:34
  • krazy4baseball

    i keep getting an error for my profile, but i can use anyone elses fine

    23. Aug. 2006, 16:32
  • C26000

    it is because AC/DC , I'll fix this bug in the 1.2 Version

    23. Aug. 2006, 17:24
  • krazy4baseball

    oh ok

    23. Aug. 2006, 17:56
  • CerealBoy

    Thanx :) Vista's been giving me the shits though so I formatted today... It works quite well though and will be happy to test it in the future... Am back to using XP Pro Service Pack 2 now and have used a couple of times and works even better now! Will keep an eye for anything new that you put up ;)

    24. Aug. 2006, 14:57
  • JesterC17

    Sucks that AC/DC cant go, but it looks fucking brill! Great work man!

    28. Aug. 2006, 2:19
  • C26000

    new version! Extra Stats V 1.2 now AC/DC don't generate errors and added more improvements [b]V1.2 (28 agosto 2006)[/b] * Fixed bug with artist name with / or & * Added tag title type format option. * Added quick calculation of stats pressing enter in the username textbox or in the number of artist textbox. * Added ignore and replace tags option. I think that this is the last version, I have ran out of ideas.

    28. Aug. 2006, 6:20
  • -Ay-

    A linux version? Linux doesn't have the .Net framework in it, and Wine doesn't have it either. I could probably compile it from source...I'm just too lazy to.

    30. Aug. 2006, 18:45
  • C26000

    I'm not running linux, i can't test it if i make a linux versión, probably is easier for you doing it. you can use the source code with the tools avaliable in Mono,, if you make the linux version, please tell me.

    30. Aug. 2006, 23:52
  • -Ay-

    When I'm not busy I'll see if I can pop something out. What would help is if you put the updated source code up for download.

    2. Sep. 2006, 14:01
  • C26000

    I completely forgot about the source code update.. ... Done!

    2. Sep. 2006, 18:06
  • C26000

    V1.3 (13 septiembre 2006) * Username and #tags boxes are now hidded in preferences view. * Fixed bug: The cancel button in the rename tag function wasn't working. * Fixed bug: Pressing enter in tag text box wasn't calculating the stat. * Added info about the size of the tag cloud image , and useful tooltip info to help the tag cloud fit the about me and journal sections. * Added rezize image option for the tag cloud. * Removed the size restriction of the form in the tag cloud view. The last 3 changes were made to help to do tags clouds that better fit your needs, for example I used them to make my tag cloud for the about me section. * Added The why I have this tag in my tag cloud? button, when you click it you will get a list of the artists that have that tag in in your chart along with their tag score.

    14. Sep. 2006, 6:08
  • C26000

    please give me an example

    14. Sep. 2006, 14:02
  • ewilah

    Hey this is great!

    14. Okt. 2006, 10:21
  • rjgexplode

    Whenever I calculate stats, I keep getting this coming up... [img][/img]

    24. Okt. 2006, 12:46
  • C26000

    it is because the '?' in the artist name, I will try to fix this bug in the v 1.4, thanks for the bug report :)

    24. Okt. 2006, 15:54
  • rjgexplode

    Glad to be of help! Thanks for the fast response and the hard work that you're putting into this :)

    24. Okt. 2006, 18:46
  • Tuplad

    Same shit as above, but now he was going on about Royce Da 5'9 :(

    25. Okt. 2006, 14:25
  • batetoz

    thanks for the cloud, all the best>>>btz

    6. Nov. 2006, 2:51
  • aibom

    Failed to calculate N*E*R*D and Welle:Erdball. But other than that good. I managed to get a stats page though :) [IMG][/IMG]

    10. Nov. 2006, 22:32
  • C26000

    [b]V 2.0 (16 Noviembre 2006)[/b] *CHANGE: Xml files for users are now saved in a different directory and the artists data is saved in many directories. *IMPROVEMENT: Optimization of tag cloud generation. *BUG FIX: Fixed bug with artists that don't have tags *NEW: Added option to delete only the user xml downloaded files. *NEW: Added more preset tags to the join tags list. *NEW: Cancel button. *NEW: Autosize for the tag cloud for preset sizes. *BUG FIX: Fixed bug with artists with * , , ? and : in their name. *ADDED: Option for sorting the tag cloud by size or by name. *NEW : Compatibility rating and list of the most compatible artists. *NEW : Diversity rating *CHANGED: Now the user XML files are deleted every time the software starts and by default has been increased the number of days before downloading again the tag data from the artists. *BUG FIX: The Preset name for the image of the tag cloud sometimes was wrong. *NEW : Added mainstreamness rating support. *ADDED: Packed with some XML Tag Data.

    16. Nov. 2006, 7:00
  • C26000

    I made many changes in how the data is saved, if you have a previous version is better to delete first the old one and replace it for the 2.0

    16. Nov. 2006, 7:01
  • neocronos

    Awesome David, you and your programs surprised me. I think that staff should pay more attention to your work. ¿Who think that David should create a group for the Extra Stats? I do.

    16. Nov. 2006, 21:28
  • C26000

    mmm I don't know.. maybe a general group for people who like and need more stats than those provided by, many other programs and GM scripts could be associated with that group.

    27. Nov. 2006, 20:43
  • eheadache

    You do some really quite wonderfull work. :-D

    29. Nov. 2006, 22:25
  • errashhh


    9. Dez. 2006, 12:48
  • _Tarkus_

    Very cool program - thanks for sharing!

    15. Dez. 2006, 5:42
  • C26000

    Now you can calculate your stats weekly! , just select the week that you want, and press enter. There was a bug in the Diversity rating formula, It's now fixed. I also created a group for all who loves stats, specially music stats :), join if you liked this software and share your stats there. Stats Group

    2. Jan. 2007, 20:30
  • MissKazzy

    what is AEP then? :) Ive got it installed.

    6. Jan. 2007, 11:09
  • C26000


    6. Jan. 2007, 15:50
  • koloblix

    ARgh hope someone makes a version for os x =/

    6. Jan. 2007, 16:01
  • crckbtch


    7. Jan. 2007, 1:57
  • C26000


    7. Jan. 2007, 2:17
  • C26000

    mmm that link doesn't work, The AEP is a number that normally is between -20 and 5 that shows how much preference a user has for his or her top artists. 5 is the max value for the AEP and it takes this value when the user has listened all the 50 top artists an equal number of times.

    7. Jan. 2007, 2:18
  • C26000

    [b]The AEP Formula:[/b] AEP = 5 - 25 * ( Slope / AverageTop50 ) Slope = (value of the first artist in the chart - value of the 50th artist in the chart) / 50 AverageTop50 = ( The sum of all values in the top 50 ) / 50

    7. Jan. 2007, 2:18
  • MadRussian99

    hmmm its not letting me download from the site, it says you have reached your daily download limit of 1 gig. and i havent even ever used the site before.

    13. Jan. 2007, 0:49
  • evulfuson

    Half of it works for me, half of it doesn't.

    14. Jan. 2007, 0:05
  • C26000

    @MadRussian99 I guess it's talking about me :), I have added a second link , you can download it now. @evulfuson what is not working for you?

    14. Jan. 2007, 7:02
  • Gary1986

    The Mainstreamness tab isn't working for me - it says the input string was not in the correct format?

    20. Jan. 2007, 20:23
  • C26000

    mm there is a bug there, I'm going to try to fix it for the next version. thanks for your report

    20. Jan. 2007, 20:54
  • Gvaz

    [quote]hmmm its not letting me download from the site, it says you have reached your daily download limit of 1 gig. and i havent even ever used the site before.[/quote] do you have a proxy? change your IP address. also thanks for this, im running the Vista RTM so i'll tell you if i get any issues.

    20. Jan. 2007, 23:39
  • _JunkBoy_

    I can't download it, everytime I try it says You cannot download more than one file at a time. though I'm not downloading at the moment... Help me, please!!))

    21. Jan. 2007, 12:14
  • _JunkBoy_

    Sorry, the problem doesn't exist anymore!))

    21. Jan. 2007, 14:55