Why "I Never Lose, Never Really" may be the greatest song written.


3. Jul. 2007, 11:11

I have had a fanatical obsession with this song, and to a lesser extent the rest of the album October Language, since Belong released it last year.

My perception of the song has gone through many stages since I first heard it. I recall nearly sleeping through the first three listens of the album. Then I recall just an hour long blur of noise. When songs first started forming out of the chaos, I knew there was something special.

The most recent idea that has came to me was tonight, and it was so profound to me that I felt the need to document it here. I was listening to "I Never Lose, Never Really" for oh, perhaps the 100th time, and it clicked.

I will step into the realm of abstract to explain, because the formation only exists there. "I Never Lose, Never Really" is comprised of (roughly) 7 spirits, souls, lifeforms, and an "oversoul", the culmination of the 7 lesser souls. Each of the souls is dying. This is evidenced in how each one is not constant in intensity, sometimes fading close to nothing, and then returning, often flickering or flinching for a moment.

The components of the song are less important than what is actually happening. It is rather incredible, phenomenal in fact, near unbelievable even to me, but this is what I hear. Each soul of the song is close to death. In fact, without each other, each would die almost immediately. They are keeping each other alive. Each soul is crucial to the oversoul, the essence of the song, and because of that, they struggle, pulsating in and out, to stay alive. At the same time they feed off each other, and they feed off the culmination.

"I Never Lose, Never Really" is the sound of their death throes, individually signifying a black, dark moment, but together issuing radiant life and light and the power of companionship and diversity. The hovering whistle, the quickly panning smooth twang, the ringing drone, the gentle hum, the celestial inhuman choral, the crackling howl, and the soft resonance. These are the souls. They exist for each other, because of each other.

And at the end, they have been saved. They do not die. They fade away.

This is their song.

And that is why "I Never Lose, Never Really" may be the greatest, most beautiful, most powerful song ever written.
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  • catachresistant

    That was pretty weird. Nice read, though. I like Remove the Inside...

    3. Jul. 2007, 17:57
  • Heliosphaner

    the album is one of the greatest ever

    10. Aug. 2007, 22:28
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