Top 10: 1 Year Later


15. Nov. 2008, 7:28

I posted this little survey thing 1 year ago, so I thought I'd update with my top as of today. I love that I can document how my taste has changed somewhat in the past year. Okay, here it goes!

Post your overall top 10 artists, the first song you heard of theirs (a), the song that made you fall in love (b), and your current favorite (c).

1.) Brooke Fraser
a. Deciphering Me
b. Shadowfeet
c. C.S. Lewis Song

2.) Björk
a. I Miss You
b. Oceania
c. Náttúra

3.) Paramore
a. Pressure
b. My Heart
c. O Star

4.) Vanessa Carlton
a. A Thousand Miles
b. White Houses
c. Home

5.) Hillsong United
a. One Way
b. Hosanna
c. Nothing but the Blood

6.) Phil Wickham
a. Grace
b. Always Forever
c. Cannons

7.) Sigur Rós
a. Untitled 1
b. Glósóli
c. Við spilum endalaust

8.) Flyleaf
a. I'm So Sick
b. So I Thought
c. Red Sam

9.) Joanna Newsom
a. Swansea
b. Sprout and the Bean
c. Cosmia

10.) Feist
a. Inside and Out
b. Mushaboom
c. So Sorry



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