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KongosI'm Only Joking Gestern um 15:00
Lonely The BraveTrick of the Light Gestern um 14:56
Wild CubThunder Clatter Gestern um 14:52
Royal BangsBetter Run Gestern um 14:48
The Smashing PumpkinsMonuments Gestern um 14:45
Bear HandsGiants Gestern um 14:42
KongosCome With Me Now Gestern um 14:38
Cold War KidsAll This Could Be Yours Gestern um 14:34
Young the GiantMind Over Matter Gestern um 14:30
InterpolAll the Rage Back Home Gestern um 14:26
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"You know what the greatest tragedy is in the whole world?... It's all the people who never find out what it is they really want to do or what it is they're really good at. It's all the sons who become blacksmiths because their fathers were blacksmiths. It's all the people who could be really fantastic flute players who grow old and die without ever seeing a musical instrument, so they become bad plowmen instead. It's all the people with talents who never even find out. Maybe they are never even born in a time when it's even possible to find out. It's all the people who never get to know what it is that they can really be."

Last.FM Milestones4th track: (27 May 2008)
System of a Down - Peephole
895th track: (07 Jun 2008)
Pidżama Porno - Porządek panuje w Warszawie
4999th track: (16 Jul 2008)
Simple Plan - When I'm Gone
22222nd track: (16 Dec 2008)
Izrael - Politikz
36000th track: (07 Apr 2009)
Bob Marley & The Wailers - No More Trouble
49000th track: (27 Sep 2009)
The Subways - Streetfighter (Bonus Track)
65665th track: (29 Mar 2010)
Pidżama Porno - Dzwięki Piosenki
76666th track: (30 Sep 2010)
Dead By Sunrise - End Of The World
84590th track: (28 Apr 2011)
Neil Young - A Man Needs a Maid
99999th track: (28 Apr 2012)
Chumbawamba - Tubthumping
105000th track: (26 Aug 2012)
Akurat - Jestem Tym
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