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EveLet's Talk About 3. Apr. 2012
Heather HeadleyMe Time 3. Apr. 2012
Lauryn HillKilling Me Softly 3. Apr. 2012
FantasiaI Feel Beautiful 3. Apr. 2012
AdeleSomeone Like You 3. Apr. 2012
AdeleRolling in the Deep 3. Apr. 2012
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Über mich

Brooklyn Carter is a Baltimore based hip-hop/rap Artist with goals to fill the void and need for a street credible Female Rapper with hardcore inner city appeal. Bringing back the MC Lyte & Roxanne Chant’e times where vicious female MC’s ruled the scene with a queen type of presence. Brooklyn Carter hit the studio to make new tracks. I am dedicated to making real hip hop music and bringing the feel of Baltimore’s streets to the world. I make music about inner city struggles Love, Hate, Pain, and injustice. Come look at my life through my eyes and choose a different path than i choose.My music is dedicated to the youth just like me growing up in an inner city jungle or living that suburban nightmare. I am proof that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

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