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I'm a pretty unique kid, I have really diverse taste in music and interests. I like paintballing, skateboarding, drumming. My favorite musical genres are alternative rock and nu metal, I also really like industrial metal. I hate rap and country with a passion and all that shitty auto tune garbage on the radio with one word lyrics. Im very open minded therefore i am not religous, pretty charismatic and kind to those who are kind to me and respect me. Just don't judge me on my appearance or underestimate me! :P. Im told i have beautiful eyes but i'll let you be the judge. If your looking for someone to talk to give me a shout anytime i love chatting on the internet :D

Piercings: 2x Ear lobes 12G / 1x lip 14G / 1x eyebrow 14G / 2x Nose ring 16G
* soon getting double helix, industrial, might get snakebites and might stretch my ears to MAX 5/8 ( anything bigger really grosses me out x(

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