Favorite 2008 albums


10. Jan. 2009, 2:15

I think 07 was a better year for music than 08. This year nothing jumps out as great except maybe...

The Raconteurs - Consolers of the Lonely - Jack White and Brendan Benson beat out their 1st album with this. Maybe my favorite album start to finish of this list.
Tom Gabel - Heart Burns - Against Me! guy goes solo.
The Pogues - just look them straight in the eye and say...pogue mahone!!! (this was a box set - see previous journal)
The Scars - The Scars - Great Boston Punk.
Everybody Out! - Everybody Out! - Ditto
Jason Bennett And The Resistance - Hope Dies Last E.P. - Ditto again
Flogging Molly - Float - It's Flogging Molly...what else do I need to say?


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