Help me find some music, please!


4. Sep. 2009, 10:31

Ok, so finally I can't resist my obsession with this two tracks:

Deathspell Omega - Carnal Malefactor (from minute 3:42 to 7:50) -listening to this on vinyl is just orgasmic-

Love Is Colder Than Death - Nostalgia

I've listened before to some gregorian stuff... and I've been listening all morning to , 4-voices, , motets and stuff like that. Very enjoyable, from Guillaume Dufay to Josquin des Prez, Thomas Tallis, Guillaume de Machaut, William Byrd...


I haven't experienced anything similar to what those two tracks make me feel. They're darker, they have SOMETHING else... and I want to find more music that could make me feel it.

A call to all users: any suggestions, please???

Some interesting tracks I found while searching:

Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina - Responsory II, "Velum templi scissum est " (-->spotify)

Russian Chant

Male choir


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