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18. Jan. 2007, 2:23

Okay ,

Review your cd? I had the entire thing done last night. I had it in preview mode and I clicked the link to J.J. Alberhasky to see if it worked. Of course, the second I did this I was gripped with a feeling of despair. I'd realized my mistake. Firefox took me to J.J. Alberhasky's page as I frantically tried to click the stop and back buttons, almost simultaneously. So, back to "Write a New Journal Entry". The text box is completely blank. It was like preparing a fine meal, only to have your conniving dog gobble it up while you turned your back to grab some parsley for garnishing purposes. Anyway,

mssr Bodie

Backyard-- I tend to like Guster's last two albums more than the first three. This song is reminiscent of the bongo heavy songs of the first three. Certainly I like a lot of tracks with their old sound, but not this one. 3/5

Do You Remember-- I've been trying to act like I don't like Jack Johnson anymore, but I can't deny I still like almost all his laid back and gentle songs. I like the lyrics on this one. 4/5

Crystalline Green-- This one took a little growing, but I think I like it. There's a good bridge in there in the second minute. I'm surprised it's genuine Nat-approved music. 3.5/5

Orange Sky--Seems a bit familiar. The lyrics are good. This track is almost too slow and long, but it's still tolerable, perhaps I need a certain mood to enjoy it. 3.5/5

The Artist-- I was ready to love this track after the intro. My jaw dropped when I heard a girl on the vocals. Women really don't get much attention in the folk rock genre. However, here the voice melds perfectly with the plucky guitar beat. I like the chorus a lot, too. I'll be needing to hear more of this. 4/5

The Last Polka-- I always enjoy a good Ben Folds song. I was surprised I hadn't heard this one before, but I shouldn't be considering I only have about half his work. This prompted me to pick up two missing Ben Folds Five albums. Actually, I'm still on the fence on either Ben Folds One or Ben Folds Five. 5/5

Bang Bang-- I like this one from Dispatch. Not necessarily one of my favorites, but still up there. I don't care much for the vocals, except for "Hey, Mr. Man..."; I really like that part. The guitar is good on this one. 4/5

Zebra-- I know you've played this one for me before, but I still love it. The guitar and vocals are perfectly syncopated. Percussion is also appreciated here. Good guitar solo in there, too. I'll have to have more of this if it in the same spirit as Zebra. 5/5

I Love the Rain the Most-- A nice pick from Purdy. He reminds me of Rocky Votolato, only not depressing. So far I've picked up three of his albums. Good vocals and guitars. 4/5

I'm Ready, I Am-- This one just doesn't sound right to me. I think I'm just picky about my The Format, as I really like Snails and Dead End. I'll have to go through their albums soon. 2/5

Good Tonight-- This one is excellent. I like the lyrics and the chorus especially. I need to hear more from him, he seems a bit hit or miss. Alberhasky proves very elusive though, you'll have to help me out, Nat. 5/5

Dress Looks Nice On You-- I guess I'm picky about my Sufjan too. The guitar on this reminds me of the other tracks of his you've given me, but not quite as good. The vocals I don't like as much, but I do enjoy it when the banjo comes in after about a minute. 3/5

Plane-- I was really surprised by the artist of this track. I've browsed some of Mraz's stuff, but I generally didn't care for it much. You seem to have found a diamond in the rough with this one. The sometimes fast paced vocals make a nice contrast with the slow strings in the back. Dig up more of these! 5/5

Float On-- A very good Modest Mouse track here. They have a very unique sound with the vocals and guitars. Modest Mouse has a few eccentric songs that can get downright creepy at times, but the still have a number of great tunes like this. 5/5

If I Am-- I know I've heard this one before, but it seems a little too mid-ninties. It just doesn't seem to sound right for me. Vocals and guitar is unimpressive for me. 3/5

We Intertwined-- So another facet of The Hush Sound. I like this side too though. The chorus seems to mesh well. I especially like the almost distorted sound in the third minute. Reminds me a bit of Tally Hall. 4/5

Clumsy-- Okay, you're going to have to bring a lot to the table with a track from a band like Our Lady Peace. It worked for Hanson, but just not as well here. His voice doesn't sound right to me. I think an acoustic cover of this could be incredibly good. I guess that could be said about a lot of songs though. 2/5

Gypsy Girl-- Ah, Nat, my silly gypsy girl! I really like this song. The fast vocals and guitar is very pleasing. Very good rhythm. I've never heard of this guy, but I'll need more if his work is anything like this. 4/5

Two Coins-- This is perhaps my favorite Dispatch song. I really like the simple guitar and calm vocals. The lyrics.. "I want bones like iron..." very nice. 5/5

So, good selections. I hope my cd lives up to yours and you don't have to type your review twice like me.


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