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Joey Bada$$Carry On (featuring Freddie Gibbs) 27. Dez., 20:44
Joey Bada$$Christ Conscious 27. Dez., 20:41
Gang StarrBetrayal 7. Dez., 18:55
Gang StarrThe Mall 7. Dez., 18:52
Gang StarrMake 'em Pay 7. Dez., 18:47
Gang StarrMy Advice 2 You 7. Dez., 18:45
Gang StarrNew York Strait Talk 7. Dez., 18:40
Gang StarrShe Knowz What She Wantz 7. Dez., 18:37
Gang StarrWhat I'm Here 4 7. Dez., 18:35
Gang StarrThe Rep Grows Bigga 7. Dez., 18:30
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  • RetralJ

    Hey up dude. It might be comparing what you've listened to over the last week (or some other length of time) with Supersonic rather than what you've listened to altogether. If you've listened to some non-Supersonic stuff between the two times you checked, this could be the reason for the decrease in your compatability. is based in London. I'd hop on a train, go to their office and ask them what-for if I was you, say to them "WHERE'S THE CLARITY!" That should do it.

    20. Okt. 2011 Antworten
  • c-child

    Ello, ello... sorry for the delay in serving up my recommendations! You've probably heard, but Liechtenstein is a lovely Sweedish indie pop all girl band, Laufmasche is some ace mnml tecnho, I've also been enjoying Cassy and Dinky - luvly femme mnml electronica, The Miracles Club who have a danceable disco-acid-house sound going on, oh and glitchy and bleepy Isan. I hope that suffices :) Didn't go to Field Day as my mate Jenny (think you've met her) was up from Bristol for her bday. Did you go? Really faniced it. When I've been before, it's been full of Shoreditch idiots, which can make me a bit grumpy so is prob for the best I missed it... Had a quick shufti earlier at ATP's line-up. Looks ace! You'll have to have a few pit stops on the way down from Bonnie Scotland :)

    4. Sep. 2011 Antworten
  • c-child

    Ahoy... welcome aboard! I shall definitely be stealing some of your music... don't suppose you have any nice glitchy/techno/house recommendations?

    30. Jul. 2011 Antworten

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