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Coming out of the back wood's in a little township in Ohio , far away from the city light's, comes the musical talents of "Bobby Smith". Being exposed mostly by the records his Father played of "Jerry Lee Lewis"and also the music of little country churches. At age 15 while sitting in church one evening, a visiting black gentleman by the name of "Jack Harris dropped by. When "Jack sat down and graced that old upright piano, everything in the building came to life. At that moment "Bobby" asked God to give him the gift of music. Soon after, Bobby began to teach himself to play piano. Over the years "Bobby'sang and played in Churches,Special Events.made regular television appearance's and was a 2002 Star Quest Contestant at Jamboree USA Capital Music Hall in Wheeling West Virginia ! Many of his songs can be found at digital store's such as "Itunes "Amazon Mp3 "Wimp "digital7 and many more !

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