Eminem Discography Album Ratings (1996-2010)


8. Jul. 2010, 15:48

ok, let's just get it started....
even though Em's used the N word frequently in his past, *May still do it, we dont know* you can't deny the milk colored MC's skills. In honor of his "Recovery" *Em's sniffing crushed xanaxes as we speak/type*, I wanted to rank all of dudes efforts he's made.

Im gonna rate each song, then the album as a whole's rating will be given. Skits/Interludes obviously don't need a rating. I'm gonna highlight, 3 or so songs each album as my favorite standouts on each lp.


1 Infinite 4.5/5 "Oh yeah, this is Eminem baby, back up in that motherfucking ass....One time for your mother fucking mind", lol. Corn. But yeah, Complex-Syllables/Multi's give this a 4.5.
2 W.E.G.O. (Interlude)
3 It's OK 4.5/5 (The only other real, high ranking song on here. "My little brother's trying to learn his mathematics//He's asthmatic, running home from school away from crack addicts" lol. This is why Em would have to regroup his thoughts, and come up with a better style to rap with.)
4 313 4/5 (dark beat. nice.)
5 Tonight 3/5 [fuckin corny, worst song on the album?]
6 Maxine 3.5/5 [corny again]
7 Open Mic 4/5 [good, not classic]
8 Never 2 Far 3.5/5 [corny wanna be "The World Is Yous"-Nas]
9 Searchin' 3/5 (Gosh this is fuckin corny, an Eminem love song? w/o, MURDER in it? "I'm reminiscing on your tenderness and the snuggling and teasing//Missing what I remember, kissing and hugging and squeezing" This sounds like a ghostwritten rap for LL Cool J)
10 Backstabber 3.5/5 [fuckin waste of time, but decent imagery in the story]
11 Jealousy Woes II 3.5/5 (lol @ Proof's woman voice on the intro. seriously, gotta youtube this shit for ya, but ya, cool beat here, but nothing amazing rhyme wise. Decent outro to a first LP)

DONT go stanning this album just becuz it's Eminem. If he didn't blow up, 97% of you queers'd never heard it. His style wasnt down pat yet, using Nas/AZ Illmatic styled syllables and flows and just sounding really corny to be honest on alot of these songs. But its DARK, and MOODY, and I like that. His raps lyrically are a HIT or a MISS. Even his Uncle Ronnie said this album was just a lot of noise, saying nothing really.

LP Rating=3.5/5

D12 - The Underground EP (1997) *I guess recorded 1996, released later*
1 6 Reasons 4/5 (even w/o Slim Shady on it, D12 make a good song here. Proof wins. "Impossible to hold down like vomit, Mics I palm it,You stay to bomb it, Like tourists that's Islamic"
2 Art of War 4/5 (Got Bugz on here, Em a no show again. good song)
3 Derelict Theme 4/5 (Still no Em. Still good though)
4 Chance to Advance 4/5 (First Em Sighting on here. Good song.)
5 Activity as Phuctivity 4/5 (Get em Bugz.."I'm a brand named guy who loves to stay high//Got a ten inch dick and the gun the same size")
6 Filthy 4/5 (Kinda Short IMO, But Em saves the day. "Make plans for the casket, your head lands in a basket//A dead man's in the plastic, I got red hands and the mask fits")
7 Fuck Battlin 4/5 (Great uptempo beat. Nice "Battle" themed lyrics. Weird to hear D12 rap like this. Wish Bugz never passed away.)
8 Cock and Squeeze 4/5 (Downtempo beat=win. Bugz & Proof go in. Even Kon Artist shows up).
9 Bring Our Boys 4/5(Eye-Ku spits hard, Em, everyone pretty much. Song titles kinda queer though.)
10 Bad News 4/5 (real dope beat here. funky. Kon Artis & Kuniva tag team the track.)

Even w/o Em, this is when D12 were more "underground", hence the EP name. "Dark" even, yes, LYRICAL. Before they were just completely jokes on the mic. Theres still comedy on here no doubt, via Bizarre, but it just sounds better in these earlier days you know, the right balance of comedy and lyrical bars. Proof and Bugz were the nicest on these cuts. Eye-Ku who's on Infinite should have stayed in the group.

EP Rating: 4/5
not a bad song on here. Better then any D12 album afterward lol.

Eminem - The Slim Shady EP (1997)
1 Intro (Slim Shady)
2 Low, Down, Dirty 5/5 (If it werent so, dark maybe? It woulda been on SSLP. My fave song on here.)
3 If I Had... 5/5
4 I Just Don't Give a Fuck 5/5
5 Mommy
6 Just the Two of Us 5/5 (SSLP's beat version would be better)
7 No One's Iller 4.5/5 (Kanye West "Drive Slow" same sample.)
8 Murder, Murder 5/5 (The version on the Next Friday soundtracks better)
9 If I Had... (Radio Edit) 5/5
10 Just the Two of Us (Radio Edit) 5/5

EP Rating: 4.5/5
HERES where he gets better. HERES where he deserves a major record deal and a man named Dr. Dre catches wind of our melanin-lacking friend and "the rest is history" like a Jin album you never bought.

Eminem - The Slim Shady LP (1999)
1 Public Service Announcement
2 My Name Is 5/5 (not playable for me nowadays, too, "comedic" and popular)
3 Guilty Conscience 5/5 (crazy concept)
4 Brain Damage 5/5 (lol Deangelo Bailey)
5 Paul
6 If I Had 5/5 (Depressing, feels and sounds authentic)
7 '97 Bonnie & Clyde 5/5 (crazy concept again)
8 Bitch
9 Role Model 5/5 (love the Dre beat here.)
10 Lounge
11 My Fault 5/5 (lol, em's crying at the end)
12 Ken Kaniff
13 Cum On Everybody 4.5/5 (not all-time classic 5 here. just good)
14 Rock Bottom 5/5 (you can feel the pain on this one)
15 Just Don't Give a Fuck 5/5
16 Soap
17 As the World Turns 5/5 (GO GO GADGET DICK!)
18 I'm Shady 4.5/5 (Just a Curtis Mayfield hook bite. Lyrics sound recycled from other songs on here or somethin. Even Great albums have filler on them you know.)
19 Bad Meets Evil 5/5 (Really nice here. This songs slept on IMO. Great back n forth with Royce)
20 Still Don't Give a Fuck 5/5 (Better ending maybe then MMLP's ending?)

LP Rating: 4.5/5
Yes, dont be so shocked! This not only isn't the best album of 1999, it's not top 10 debuts in rap either. ITS A GREAT ALBUM! Dont get me wrong. But This and MMLP are some of the most overrated albums in history. It's not a flat out 5. Once you boil down to it, all he's talking about is struggling to feed his daughter, popping bills and fucking fat bitches. This is great stuff! But you can't pull an all time classic with material like that. This isn't a stand-up comedy album is it. It's rap, Hip-Hop. So yeah, I love this album. Don't think I'm hating on it. Just get in touch with reality is all I'm saying.

Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP (2000)
1 Public Service Announcement 2000
2 Kill You 5/5 (I'm gonna admit it. One of the best intro-songs of an album I've heard.)
3 Stan 5/5 (Top 10 stories in rap? possibly)
4 Paul (skit)
5 Who Knew 5/5
6 Steve Berman (skit) *Dres rappin about big screen TV's, blunts, 40's and bitches...Youre rapping about homosexuals and vicodin....*
7 The Way I Am 5/5
8 The Real Slim Shady 5/5 (IMO, his last real great "First Single For an album")
9 Remember Me? 4.5/5 (beats dark, but it's not a 5, just dope. shout out Sticky Fingaz and RBX.)
10 I'm Back 5/5 (Kids in the hook=a plus)
11 Marshall Mathers 5/5 (ICP gets owned)
12 Ken Kaniff (skit)
13 Drug Ballad 5/5 (This is "Cum On Everybody Pt. 2" But its better then Cum on Everybody, so it gets a 5)
14 Amityville 4.5/5 (Bizarre ruined the song. Shame, cause Em gave the most energetic verses of the LP on here.)
15 Bitch Please II 4.5/5 (I wanna give it a 4, but since Snoop's original was classic, gotta give this a semi-classic, gr8 beat)
16 Kim 5/5 (Again, top 10 stories in rap? or concepts? I dunno, but its crazy. Suprised this was even allowed on the album jeez. "NOW BLEED BITCH BLEEEED! BLEEEEEEEEEEEEED!"
17 Under the Influence 4/5 (Horrible hook, and Em's verse, kinda sucks. "I'm like a fuckin wasp in the hospital lost
Stingin the fuck outta everything I come across in the halls" wtf? D12 gave an uninspiring performance so, songs not bad, but not great.)
18 Criminal EHHHHHHHHHH, i dunno..is this really a 5? What's he rapping about really? It FEELS like a 5, but lyrically if you listen it isnt. I dunno, I'll give it a 5/5 for "Hey, it's me, Versace
Whoops, somebody shot me!
And I was just checkin the mail
Get it? Checkin the 'male'?"

alone. A good outro to an album, but again, whats the song about? Em robbing banks?

LP Rating: 4.5/5
(I think SSLP is better, but NEITHER are all-time 5's. I can name 4 or 5 albums just as good or better from 2000 then MMLP. Now a 4.5 is a hell of an accomplishment, so quit thinking im under-rating or "hating" or something. This is no Illmatic. This isnt a Reasonable Doubt. Hell, its not even a "It Was Written" or "In My Lifetime Vol.1". This is just "Get Rich Or Die Tryin'" on steroids. But shout outs for making of the most entertaining albums of the year.)

D12 - Devil's Night (2001)
1 Another Public Service Announcement
2 Shit Can Happen 4/5
3 Pistol Pistol 4/5 (cool vibe here. Em saved this from being a 3.5)
4 Bizarre (Skit)
5 Nasty Mind 4/5 (usual fuck sluts song. cool. funny.)
6 Ain't Nuttin' But Music 4/5 (should give it a 3.5, but songs too funny. "Whoops I did it again didn't I my shit's harder-to figure out than what Britney's tit size is" Bizarre's tolerable on this track too.)
7 American Psycho 4/5 (Em kills the hook. nice guitars on here)
8 That's How (Skit)
10 Purple Pills 4/5 (Yeah, we've all heard this..)
11 Fight Music 4.5/5 (aint the beat insane? liked the "warriors" inspired vid too)
12 Instigator 3.5/5 (Couldve used Em. cool beat though. Just pointless rhymes tho.)
13 Pimp Like Me 4/5 (Another "Bitch" song, beats good, Em kills hook so its ok)
14 Blow My Buzz 3.5/5 (Filler. Not even Em could make this a 4. leave this on the cutting room floor.)
15 Obie Trice 4/5 (First time alot of us heard Obie.)
16 Devils Night 4/5 (love the beat here, dark vibe, good hook)
17 Steve Berman (Skit) *lol, GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE. NOWWWWW!*
18 Revelation 4/5 (yeah, this shits crazy, the energy of it. Em's best verse on the LP maybe? I consider this the album outro then "Girls" the bonus track)
19 Girls 5/5 (IMO ended Limp Bizkits career. either that or Bizkit just made horrible music after Chocolate Starfish)

Decent debut, but give Em credit cause he pulled ALOT of dead-weight on this album, making up for the generic verses D12 spat. The beats saved this album from being a 3.5. Leave it to Em to find rappers who spit more grotesque then he even can. But w/o the skills to accompany the "Gross" style.

LP Rating: 4/5

Eminem - The Eminem Show (2002)
1 Curtains Up (Skit)
2 White America 4/5 (This aint a damn 4.5, dont get gassed. Decent album intro, thats it.)
3 Business 4/5
4 Cleanin Out My Closet 5/5 (Classic man, one of the most revealing songs in music not just rap.)
5 Square Dance 4/5
6 The Kiss (Skit)
7 Soldier 4/5 (He coulda had a 4.5/5 if the subject matter wasnt corny. Yeah, Em a "Soldier", a "Street Warrior". lol, still good though, nice flow. Beats insane.).
8 Say Goodbye Hollywood 4/5
9 Drips 4/5 (Fun track, not a waste of a song like Em would do on future LP's)
10 Without Me 4.5/5 ("And Moby! You can get stomped by Obie, you 36 year-old baldheaded fag blow me..." That alone gets a 4.5, plus the flows insane.)
11 Paul Rosenberg (Skit)
12 Sing For the Moment 4.5/5 (Again, not a damn 5, just cause Em raps "Serious" and "Dramatic" doesnt make every song like that a 5. If thats the case, every Joe Budden song gets a 5 I guess, so, just stop jocking Em's nuts too hard all Im saying. speakin of Joe, he did this beat justice as well, just as good as Em's if you ask me..)
13 Superman 4/5 (Beat sounds like the songs a 4.5 or 5 or somethin, but its just a "Song for the ladies" type deal. good, not classic.)
14 Hailie's Song 4/5 (again, just a 4. He does way too many songs for his daughter. Fuck it, 4.5/5 YOU HAPPY! there you go. Being way too generous there.)
15 Steve Berman (Skit)
16 When the Music Stops 4/5 (Decent D12 filler song that appears on every Em album ever since MMLP).
17 Say What You Say 4.5/5 (WOW. Great collab here. Dre was pissed on this. The beat itself is a highlight of the LP)
18 'Till I Collapse 4.5/5 (Probably the best verses of the LP are on this song I think. Nate kills the hook.)
19 My Dad's Gone Crazy 4/5 (Filler. I always skip this, or better yet just turn the album off since its basically the end. Just too cartoony for me. Sounds like he sampled Rugrats.)
20 Curtains Close (Skit)

Solid effort. But it's nothing extraordinary. All artists with long discographys have that "cool, not classic" album in their collection so...

LP Rating: 4/5
one of the best of 02, But there were better.

Original Soundtrack - 8 Mile (2002)
1. "Lose Yourself" (by Eminem) 5/5 (Everyones heard this..not gonna BOLD it as a fave, its classic though)
2. "Love Me" (by Eminem, Obie Trice & 50 Cent) 4.5/5 (a 5's too big of a rating. 4.5 will do. Best beat on the soundtrack though)
3. "8 Mile" (by Eminem) 4.5/5 NAH. 5/5, he went in too much. It's basically "Lose Yourself Pt. 2" though.
4. "Adrenaline Rush" (by Obie Trice) 4/5
5. "Places To Go" (by 50 Cent) 4/5
6. "Rap Game" (by Eminem, 50 Cent and D12) 4/5 (Fifty, the king of HOOKS!)
7. "8 Miles And Runnin'" (by Jay-Z & Freeway) 4/5
8. "Spit Shine" (by Xzibit) 4/5
9. "Time Of My Life" (by Macy Gray) 4/5 (I always skip this though..)
10. "U Wanna Be Me" (by Nas) 4/5
11. "Wanksta" (by 50 Cent) 5/5 (Come on, it's Wanksta, the hottest song of 2002 probably.)
12. "Wasting My Time" (by Boomkat) 4/5 (4 I guess..I've heard this song like once. I always skip it. Shouldnt of been on the soundtrack)
13. "R.A.K.I.M." (by Rakim) 4/5 (HORRIBLE flow, either the engineer recorded his verse off beat, or the beats just too sporadic, I dunno.)
14. "That's My Nigga Fo' Real" (by Young Zee) 4/5 (lol, yea, MAYBE my favorite song on here, classic hook, SHOULD give it a 4.5)
15. "Battle" (soundtrack version) (by Gang Starr) 4/5 (gang starr's usual consistency here.)
16. "Rabbit Run" (by Eminem) 5/5 (Gotta give it a 5. You can like, FEEL his pent up anger build up and shit, like youre in his shoes you know.)

lol @ Jay and Nas on the same soundtrack, sending subliminals at that at one another. Yeah, top 10 soundtracks in rap for sure. ew, "for sure", gotta go FASHO! But yeah. That Boomkat and Macy Gray could've been left off but whatever.

Soundtrack Rating: 4.5/5

Eminem - Straight From The Lab (2003)
1. "Monkey See, Monkey Do" 4/5
2. "We Are Americans" 4/5
3. "Love You More" 4/5
4. "Can-I-Bitch" 4/5
5. "Bully" 4/5
6. "Come on In" (featuring D12) 4/5
7. "Hailies Revenge (Doe Rae Me)" (featuring D12 and Obie Trice) 4/5 *Ja Rule bashing, Benzino gets some too.*

Dont really need to rate this, but it's an obvious 4/5.
Various unreleased shits. Track 2, 3 on Encore Bonus Disc and "Come On In" is on D12 World as "6 In The Morning".

D12 - D12 World (2004)
1 Git Up 4/5 (good intro, Em coulda used this on Encore)
2 Loyalty 4/5 (Obie and the beat save this from 3.5 land)
3 Just Like U 3.5/5 (Hi-Tek's 5 mic beat gets tarnished by Mr. Showercap fat)
4 I'll Be Damned 3.5/5 (D12 w/o Em on this LP sounds boring. Filler song.)
5 Dude (Skit)
6 My Band 3.5/5 (decent radio song thats it.)
7 U R the One 3.5/5 (another filler. "For the bitches" generic-ish. Kon artis killed the hook tho)
8 6 in the Morning 4/5 (Em came through.)
9 How Come 4/5
10 Leave Dat Boy Alone 4/5 (Red Spyda kills the beat)
11 Get My Gun 4/5 (ha when Em's gun jams)
12 Bizarre (Skit)
13 Bitch 3.5/5 (was this necessary? Yeah em's verse is funny but still. Filler)
14 Steve's Coffee House (Skit)
15 D-12 World 4/5 (Kanye's beat and the "WELCOME TO D12 WORLD!" hook make this track a good one)
16 40 Oz. 4/5 (Trackboyz of JKwon "Tipsy" fame supply a great beat)
17 Commercial Break 4/5 (an interlude, but since it's rapping it counts. Young Zee should've had an album put out by Interscope Records, o well.)
18 American Psycho II 4/5 (4 I guess. Beats nuts, B-Real supplies a good hook)
19 Bugz 97 4/5 (Interlude. What could of been. RIP)
20 Good Die Young 4.5/5 (The beat alone merits this a 4.5, nice dedication song)
21 Keep Talkin 4/5 (Nice song. gr8 beat. Basically Em/D12 stomping Ja Rule deeper down his grave then he already was.)

Whats so good about this album. I bought it the first day, and it hasn't grown better since 04. Do you REALLY, want a D12 album, thats mostly D12, and not enough Em? In fact, it could be honest to say, the only exceptional songs on here are the ones with Em. D12 isn't horrible, just a 3.5 talent group. So, the LP gets,

LP Rating: 4/5 (I SHOULD give it a 3.5. A notch down from their debut which sounded better. just a lil better, you get tired of all the Poo and Vomit and Child Raping after a bit. )

Eminem - Encore (2004)
1 Curtains Up
2 Evil Deeds 4/5
3 Never Enough 4/5 (wow, 50 showed up on this one.)
4 Yellow Brick Road 4/5 (blah. Em wasnt dating black girls back then and he knows it..)
5 Like Toy Soldiers 4.5/5 (Just talks about beef. Doesnt really need a 5/5. The beats the highlight here. Video's eery as fuck, RIP Proof)
6 Mosh 5/5 (Best song on the LP, Fuck Bush.)

7 Puke 3/5
8 My 1st Single 3.5/5
9 Paul (Skit)
10 Rain Man 4/5 (Most listenable song on the LP for me. He talks about nothing. But thats the point. Your allowed ONE of those on your album.)
11 Big Weenie 3.5/5 ( and heres where you cant do it TWICE on the album, lol. Just dumb this is. but not too horrible)
12 Em Calls Paul (Skit)
13 Just Lose It 3.5/5 (bland, sounds like Disco. Should of had a better "First Single of the LP" with this.)
14 Ass Like That 3.5/5 (The beats better then the song. Songs pointless.)
15 Spend Some Time 4/5
16 Mockingbird 4/5 (the 190th Haley dedication song.)
17 Crazy in Love 4/5
18 One Shot 2 Shot 4/5 (I like the out of order storyline on this one)
19 Final Thought (Skit)
20 Encore 4/5 (Way to close an album. Classic beat. props Dre.)
Bonus1 We as Americans 4/5
Bonus2 Love You More 4/5
Bonus3 Ricky Ticky Toc 4/5

Sounded like a classic album kind of, up until...."Puke".....Then from there its just a plane crash. Still, his worst album to date, but it's not as horrible as some say. It's just Em has higher standards. A bland album with some hidden jewels tacked on it.

LP Rating: 3.5/5

Eminem - Curtain Call - The Hits (2005)
1 Intro
2 Fack 2/5 (His worst song ever? even worse then his teenage boy basement tapes? Lets just take an INTERMISSION. and read some lyrics shall we?)

"AH, your finger just went in my ass!
OW THAT HURTS, take it out now
Ohh, wait a minute, oww
Put it back in, in in in
This don't mean I'm gay, I don't like men
I like boobs, boobs, boobs
Now see that gerbil, grab that tube
Shove it up my butt, let that lil' rascal
nibble on my asshole, uhh, yeah
Right there, right there {*Em's voice goes up*}
Ohh, I'm cumming, OHH YEAH"

lets just continue.

3 The Way I Am 5/5
4 My Name Is 5/5
5 Stan 5/5
6 Lose Yourself 5/5
7 Shake That 3.5/5 (Not horrible, just pointless. Em proves he can make "Club songs" but they dont really sound good though.)
8 Sing For the Moment 4.5/5
9 Without Me 4.5/5
10 Like Toy Soldiers 4.5/5
11 The Real Slim Shady 5/5
12 Mockingbird 4/5
13 Guilty Conscience 5/5
14 Cleanin Out My Closet 5/5
15 Just Lose It 3.5/5
16 When I'm Gone 4/5
17 Stan (Live) 5/5

LP Rating: N/A. It's a collection. But if you had to rate it then a 4.5/5. Pointless to rate it though.

Eminem - Eminem Presents The Re-Up (2006)
1 Shady Narcotics (Intro)
2 We're Back 4/5 (I felt like "EM'S BACK!" when I heard this ish, he killed it)
3 Pistol Pistol (Remix) 4/5 (Obie does good on the Devil's Night LP beat)
4 Murder 3.5/5 (Bizarre & Kuniva offer a generic track. Wow, "Murder". Never heard a song about that b4)
5 Everything is Shady 3.5/5 (Ca$his aint nuthin special. The beats better then him)
6 The Re-Up 4/5 (Eminem and 50 Kill this. Beats raw as fuck.)
7 You Don't Know 4/5 (The single with banks, fif, ca$his, em. Em's hannibal lecter in the vid.)
8 Jimmy Crack Corn 4/5 (Again, Em and 50 do damage)
9 Trapped 4/5 (RIP Proof.)
10 Whatever You Want 3.5/5 (Boring Kon Artist/Swifty track)
11 Talkin' All That 3.5/5 (Another boring Ca$his track. Guns. Kill. Guns.)
12 By My Side 3.5/5 (Stat Quo coulda done better. rappin about nothin.)
13 We Ride for Shady 4/5 (Alchemist is the real winner here. Obie outspits Ca$his.)
14 There He Is 3.5/5 (Bobby creekwaters a horrible poor mans T.I. Em, I know you can find better talent then this..)
15 Tryin' Ta Win 3.5/5 (Another filler Stat Quo track.)
16 Smack That (Remix) 3.5/5 (Not dead ass horrible. but not really good.)
17 Public Enemy #1 4/5 (Crazy em shit as usual. Shoulda been on Encore)
18 Get Low 4/5 (Stat Quo finally kills a track. The beats still better tho. waddup Dre)
19 Ski Mask Way (Eminem Remix) 4/5 (Good 50 cent remix, the original beat's obviously better then Em's version)
20 Shake That (Remix) 3.5/5 (Another boring Em track. Nate Dogg does better then Em, Ca$his AND Bobby Creek on this)
21 Cry Now (Shady Remix) 4/5 (GREAT Collab song. Obie gets my vote against Kuniva, Stat, Ca$his & Bobby Creek)
22 No Apologies 4.5/5 (Great ender to a ok album-mixtape. EM does wonders on here)

Good album that kept us in touch with Em, so he wouldnt appear M.I.A. But honestly, the best songs on here are whatever Em's on. Bobby Creekwater, Cashis, they suck. G-Unit's a hit or a miss. D12's laughable. Obie's bland, good but not great. So its a cool compilation, but thats about it.

LP Rating: 3.5/5

Eminem - Relapse (2009)
1 Dr. West (Skit)
2 3 A.M. 4/5 (Maybe I should 4.5 it. Miley Cyrus shoutouts prevents me from doing this)
3 My Mom 4/5
4 Insane 4/5
5 Bagpipes from Baghdad 4/5 (4.5 if he didnt have a fascination w/ Nick Cannon-Mariah and waste a WHOLE verse on brain-dead lesbian sex)
6 Hello 4/5
7 Tonya (Skit)
8 Same Song & Dance 4/5
9 We Made You 3.5/5 (GREAT flow. thats about it. corny)
10 Medicine Ball 4/5 (Love the Christopher Reeve verse, but this is just "Rain Man Pt. 2", rapping about nada. Beats cold as fuck tho)
11 Paul (Skit)
12 Stay Wide Awake 4/5
13 Old Time's Sake 4/5
14 Must Be the Ganja 4/5
15 Mr. Mathers (Skit)
16 Deja Vu 4.5/5 (This and Beautiful, maybe 3 A.M., only songs with purpose on the LP)
17 Beautiful 4.5/5

18 Crack a Bottle 3.5/5
19 Steve Berman (Skit)
20 Underground/Ken Kaniff 4/5 (4.5 almost, but what does he rap about? Jason Vorhees and crushing soft-shell tacos with a prosthetic arm?)

Bagpipes and Medicine Ball are the best beats on the LP. The rhymes on there were good, but corny at times, so the beats on those>the song itself. This album was like WILDFIRE! when it came out. Then, people started to realize it was just "Eh". Not saying much lyrically. The two weakest songs on here are We Made You and Crack A Bottle. Everything else is pretty airtight. Whether you say so or not, it was top 5 of 09, but not the best obviously. Dre destroyed the production hands down, give us an instrumental version Dre.

LP Rating: 4/5

Eminem - Relapse: Refill (2009)
1 Forever 4/5 (Em kills everyone, what a suprise)
2 Hell Breaks Loose 4/5
3 Buffalo Bill 4/5
4 Elevator 4/5
5 Taking My Ball 4/5
6 Music Box 4/5 (THIS SHITS NICE! He should've rapped like this on Relapse, Dark, but with PURPOSE. No butthole jokes or fart sounds)
7 Drop the Bomb on 'Em 4/5

Bonus songs on the Refill. cool shits.

Eminem - Recovery (2010)
1 Cold Wind Blows 3.5/5 (Wow, he's back on the "Relapse" shit. WTF, this is disappointing, especially for an album intro. WTF, the hooks gay.He's lucky I wont give a 3. It's that bad.)
2 Talkin' 2 Myself 3/5 (LOL. You gotta be kidding me. This beat's so gay. This is a queer hook. Kobe's queer. This is soooo laughable. I'm laughing rite now at this. I feel bad, like, actually FEEL bad for Em. lol. The only good thing about this is the rapid flow. but, lol. This shits so gay Im sorry....He actually thinks he's "making up for that Relapse album" on this. wow. This is like a Britney Spears beat. fuck this.)
3 On Fire 3.5/5 (Talk about filler. There is NO point to this song. He's lucky I dont give this a 3, via the beat. Wow, Em, fuck me or your fans, you let yourself down on this LP. Every song so far has sucked. This is his worst album ever. wow. lets continue.)
4 Won't Back Down 3.5/5 (Just because he screams and raps "angry" doesnt make the song/lyrics better. Dont get gassed. Whats his problem with Michael J Fox? lol, what Christopher Reeve died now he has no crippled/diseased celebs to talk about? DJ Khalils the star here. lol, "TURN ME BACK UP!" that was cool.)
5 W.T.P. 3/5 (Em. Dont make dance songs. Youre not Nelly. Youre not Jigga. Youre not Fif. Arent yall tired of this? This dude wasting tracks for crap all the time? What kind of a fuckin "Recovery" is this? ITS THE SAME SHIT! lol.)
6 Going Through Changes 4/5 (Poppin pills all over the song, so much for a "Recovery". more like "Relapse: Again". But this is a good song, great sample, RIP Proof)
7 Not Afraid 4/5 (good song yeah yeah yeah, blah. lol @ flying like superman with no cape in the video. What is he "Taking a stand" against though? eh.."Lets be honest, that last Relapse album was EHH" lol, well, this "Recovery isnt even "EHH" its fuckin "Puke".)
8 Seduction 3/5 (why...why....why another female-type song, why! Em's in a catch-22. I dont want to hear him cutting up a woman like a cantaloupe, he's done that too much, and yet I dont want to hear him "Seducing" and "cuddling up" with one. JUST SPIT PUNCHES DUDE! lol..Waste of a track here..)
9 No Love 3.5/5 (oh great, this is just what I need...Wayne...fuck...I wanna skip this so bad..only 10 seconds in. We all know damn well Em doesnt like Wayne. Em wouldnt had made a song with Cash Money 10 years ago. This shit sucks. I was about to say Wayne outspit him, but nah Em came through. So it can get a 3.5. songs still gay though)
10 Space Bound 3/5 (This hook is horrible, the singing on it makes me wanna claw my eardrums out. What is this Folk-Guitar bullshit? No, No, this doesnt deserve a 3.5. This is gross. Wow, how suprising, he kills a woman in the song. Where have we heard that before? Um, every Eminem album EVER!)
11 Cinderella Man 3.5/5(First of all, this song titles queer. I shouldnt even let this song play. Come on, this shit is boring. You can sit here and tell me this shits hot. You all will swallow up anything this guy spits. He could fart on a song for 4 minutes and youd love it. I can do what he spits in the song too. "I'll grab the clouds and throw lightning bolts all over you dude IM CINDERELLA MAN, CINDERELLA MAN!")
12 25 to Life 4/5(ok, Ill admit. He got me on this one, tricked me, on some Common "I Used To Love H.E.R.". Thought he was rappin about a bitch. Ok, this song gets a thumbs up. The beats still sissy-like though. Man, Dre's shaking his head at the beats on this album.)
13 So Bad 3/5 (lol, I have a feeling Yes, this song will be "So Bad". Oh ok, Dre's only beat on the album. Lets see what happens lyrically. "Why you think I got on my pajamas"....I spoke too soon....This shits so boring. Half these songs on here are for "The bitches". It doesnt work for Em. Waste of a beat. He coulda rapped about why he feels he's one of the best rappers out but no. Even lyrical guys make bland songs.)
14 Almost Famous 4/5(Snore, im sick of all these bitches voices on hooks/samples. I'll give him a 3.5 for the first verse alone. it was pretty lyrical. lol, "You laughed at his Infinite CD" fuck yeah. that shit was corn like this here Recovery.)
15 Love the Way You Lie 3/5 (wow, WTF. another females voice all over the song/beat/sample. This cd is so Emo-chick. Having "Soft" beats doesnt make you more "Human" or "Intellectual".)
16 You're Never Over 4/5 (The hook, him singing sounds so gay. This is literally "Not Afraid Part 2". Just Blaze gives a good beat. See, he couldve rapped THE WHOLE ALBUM about Proof and it wouldve been dope, but nope. He wanted to rap about women and white trash parties with occasional chainsaw shout outs and vegetables on his dinner plate flying. Since its a Proof dedication it gets a 4.)
17 Untitled *Here We Go*-Is the title I guess, 4/5 (Good lyrics, shouldve been in rotation maybe earlier in the album, I dont know, nothing can save this crap fest of an album I wasted my time listening to. Shout out to Havoc on the beat)

This album is the reason he'll never be ranked above Jay-Z in the all-time lists. He has nothing to rap about anymore. Unless he makes fun of celebrities I dont see what he can talk about. Go back to rapping about chainsawing limbs? He already did a little bit of that on this RECOVERY! Does he not understand how to switch up this gay shit? Im an Em fan but fuck. 2010 was a waste for Marshall Bruce Mathers The 3rd. Id rather play Drake. Im almost to that point. The fucks with the legends, THE BEST of the past decade, making gay-techno-sounding shit, Jay-Z's Blueprint 3, now this B.S. from Em. This new age hippy shits gay. Grab your testicles back fags. And never leave Dr. Dre's side again when it comes to beats. This was a TeenNick Instrumental Album or something, fuckin KidzBop.

I gave an extensive review of "Recovery" since its new and all.

LP RATING: 3.5/5 IM BEING GENEROUS! COULD GET A 3! This is like Jay-Z's Blueprint 3, a horrible gay effort with some good songs on it! Corny beats!

so thats it. I hope you enjoyed your fucking self.

I'll rank Em's Solo albums in order of me liking them,
There you have it.

EminemThe Slim Shady LPThe Marshall Mathers LPInfiniteThe Eminem ShowEncoreRelapseRelapse: RefillRecoveryThe Underground EP8 Mile OSTStraight From the Lab EPCurtain Call: The HitsDevil's NightD12 WorldEminem Presents The Re-UpD12Obie Trice


  • KingHeff

    were wayy too generous, nothing below a 3.5 lol, recovery is easily like 2 stars out of 5, encore easily like 2.5 and eminem show a 3. marshall mathers lp 4 and sslp 4.5, infinite also 4.5 and relapse like a 3... an instrumental version a 4.5 lol, great commentary though, lots of detail :p

    9. Jul. 2010, 19:41
  • masodikgalamb

    You are an idiot

    26. Jul. 2010, 0:56
  • J_Loss

    да ты заебал со своим "gay", у тебя с ними проблемы?) рекавери пиздатым вышел

    25. Aug. 2010, 18:03
  • bpsayy

    Agreed with @masodikgalamb. You basically threw your whole argument down the shithole when you placed Em under Jay-Z. Overrated. I'll personally give your review a 2.0/5 for effort.

    27. Aug. 2010, 4:49
  • connorn34

    Hey I agree with alot of this, but the only thing i would disagree with or have a different opinion on most of the songs he does about hailey e.g Mockingbird i thought it was at least a 4.5 for the flow and the gripping of the listener as he talks about his feelings & I also thought Like Toy Soldiers was one of his best songs where he showed us more of his normal side than a crazy slim-shady type character. Brilliant review 4.5/5 or 5/5 for realising Lil wayne, Young money, etc all suck balls and giving just about every song a fair/good rating (:

    11. Okt. 2010, 15:30
  • Blue_Key

    this is like top 5 or at the least 10 reviews ever on last.fm and only 5 comments plus my own. Frick this. I do these reviews for ME. Care if only 1 or none people look at my elegance of knowledge of music. I should write for The Source or XXL or Rolling Stone or Vibe but all those magazines fucking suck. (Sorry, Frucking or Fricking suck, I'm trying to not curse, not even type swear words for the rest of my life).

    25. Jan. 2011, 12:40
  • Kershlaus91

    good reviews in overall but no marks under 3.5 ??? weird .. and I agree Fack is crap .. and the track in which Em tries to sing is just shite .. but he'll definitely find other subjects to talk about

    15. Sep. 2011, 0:19
  • Kershlaus91

    And what do you think about the "Bad meets Evil" album ? I haven't listened to it yet...

    15. Sep. 2011, 0:21
  • Blue_Key

    on some real shit. i aint even hear it yet homie. raps in a state of atrophy, not dead but feels lifeless. "Lighters" with bruno mars is so gay club anthem music. im gonna have to just stick to the underground of rap that always has quality shit in it. the OVERALL/mainstream image of rap right now is horrendous, has been since 07 really.

    29. Nov. 2011, 9:01
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