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Blue Velvet was born in the 1999 from the meeting between Dohg (electro voice , guitar and programming) and Andy Head(electro guitar ). The basic philosophy of those musicians was to take inspirations from the industrial music already in commerce like Ministry, NIN, Einsturzende Neubauten , ecc... but with new characteristics. Lately new members took part in the band: Malcom11 (bass and programming)and DarkendDawn (drum and electronic drum).With this new members the Blue Velvet produced in 2006 the definitive album”The Third”, that shocked the critics of many italian music magazines such like “Grind Zone “, “Ascension magazine”. In the same time the Label “Koldfinger”decided to take care of the band and their world wide distribution. After a large series of concerts performed in 20 months , the band started to work to the remix of the album “the Third”, named ”Rotation”, that will be in shops at the end of 2009 under BreakDown Records . Nowadays The Blue Velvet are working on their next project with new tracks.