• Streetlight Manifesto - amazing again.

    15. Apr. 2008, 21:14

    Mon 14 Apr – Streetlight Manifesto, ZOX, Dan Potthast

    I'm going to keep this review short. I saw Streetlight back in November for the first time. It was an incredible concert, so when I heard about them coming to the Culture Room again in April, I bought my ticket the first day they were on sale.

    I got to the Culture Room at 7:25 with Nick, Jake, and a couple others. People were already going in, and after 15 or so minutes, I had my wrist bracelet.

    Dan Potthast opened around 8 PM. He played a pretty short set. I don't know recall any of the song names, but you were all there, so it's not like it matters. His style reminded me of Weird Al and TMBG - humorous while maintaining a good musical sense.

    The other opening act was Zox. I'd heard nothing about these guys before the concert, but they were fucking hardcore. I know a couple other bands that use an electric violin (Turisas being the one that springs immediately to mind), but that doesn't take away from its originality and pure awesomeness.

    And then, of course, Streetlight Manifesto came on. I don't remember too many of the songs that they played - I know, I'm totally useless here - but they made some set changes that proved both good and bad in my eyes. They didn't open with We Will Fall Together, which was an unexpected change in my eyes. They completely excluded previous concert staples like Everything Went Numb and their medley of Keasbey Nights and Point/Counterpoint.

    Still, it was nice to see the usage of songs like Dear Sergio, A Moment Of Silence, We Are The Few, The Receiving End Of It All, and Forty Days.

    The one thing that pissed me off about this concert was the moshing. I know that I wrote about how I liked it last time, but it was unbearable yesterday. The Culture Room is tiny, and there were so many people that I felt as if I were suffocating at a couple points. At the start of Streetlight's set, I was in the second row, and I was still getting jostled up and pressed against my neighbors like an orgy. Every time we tried to start a skank circle, some 500-pound bowling ball of a person would come barreling through, ruining everybody's fun.

    Crowdsurfing was prsent, as usual. I had Jake and a couple others help me up into the crowd during If And When We Rise Again, and I ended up walking on stage during Conti's quotation of Hungarian Dance No. 5. That solo's always had special meaning to me, since I played it for two contests in 7th grade. xD The kid in front of me when I was on stage was being forcibly restrained due to his violent skanking, which I thought was a bit funny.

    Anyway, Streetlight put on a stupendous show, and I can't wait until they come around next time, hopefully with a new album (although not likely). Anybody else looking forward to LTJ, Mustard Plug, and Suburban Legends on June 18th?
  • Streetlight Manifesto - Amazing.

    24. Nov. 2007, 5:17

    Fri 23 Nov – The Somewhere In Between Tour

    So, anyway, Streetlight Manifesto's new album tour. Fucking ridiculous. I must have waited half an hour to get into the Culture Room, and by that time, The Stitch Up only had two songs left. From what I heard, though, they weren't very good.

    I didn't really care for Suburban Legends, either. Their dance moves were rather homosexual. They did have some great songs.

    Anyway, what everybody came for - Streetlight Manifesto. They opened with We Will Fall Together, which was one incredible opener. This is when the real fun began. There was no room in the venue, so everybody was moshing instead of skanking. There were crowd surfers galore. I went up at one point.

    I don't really remember what else happened, as I was too busy banging into my friends and random people. Hey, I'm sitting here right now, bruised and sweat-soaked, just to get these memories down.

    Ahem, sorry, I digress. I remember that they played Everything Went Numb, Down, Down, Down to Mephisto's Cafe, their infamous medley of Point/Counterpoint and Keasbey Nights, as well as one or two songs from Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution.

    They did come out with a great encore. Believe me, I wish I could remember the songs in more details, but damn, I was more focused on trying not to fall on my ass than I was on the setlist.

    The Culture Room really did a great job pulling this gig off. It was by far the best concert I've ever been to, and I highly recommend that every third-wave ska fan sees a Streetlight Manifesto concert.