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The Black Ark Psychedelick Soul and Jazz Revue is a post dada/fluxus art movement committed to reinterpreting the codes and messages left from as far back as the late 50’s and early 60’s beat/pop/surreal/psychedelic scenes and all those left in it’s wake. The Black Ark P.S.J.R. collective has taken these long living movements into very careful consideration and now continues a “piecing together” of the notes and messages left behind, those once considered to be only that which the public opinion labeled as “art”. This music is the sifting and brewing of a rather large collection of the influences and inspirational works left behind and hopefully,from those left long after this collectives’ works are finalized,(if finalized at all for that matter). In respect to the art form itself,we at The Black Ark P.S.J.R. Collective have taken an oath that the works we have brought to this medium be taken at the weight of these parts, and that our names not be exposed or waved in the forefront of the Internet world. In this day and age, the accessibility of information has become a powerful surge that washes far past any village, over any surveillance, far beyond the entirety of all galaxies far beyond. The Black Ark P.S.J.R. Collective wish to make attempts to go against the grain of the 15 minutes theory and hopefully bring the art form back to the frontlines. The works, in all forms, that are presented here, are works created by very serious artists. These are the works created by audiophile/blue collar cultural archeologists who love the craft. Please enjoy our works, The Black Ark P.S.J.R. Collective