The Drones’ Gareth Liddiard’s Favourite Albums of All Time.


9. Nov. 2008, 3:46

This was published in The Aussie Rolling Stone magazine a few years ago so I might be breaking all sorts of copyright laws but who cares really? I’ll turn it to a big list and quote one or two lines about each album. I hope all you The Drones fans on like this?

#1. SuicideSuicide (1977)
“It’s got everything I like but doesn’t have guitars, it’s got a lot of soul. It’s poetic… I just love it – It would be my all-time favourite.”

#2. Townes Van ZandtLive at the Old Quarter (1976)
“It’s him playing a solo show in the 70’s… It some of the heaviest song writing, but it’s just so madly intense. Him and Dylan are the two guys if you want words and music.”

#3. XAspirations (1979)
“It’s the sound of a bunch of junkies with a sense of humour, done with a full on Australian accent… The way it was put together it was totally slap-dash”

#4. Kim Salmon & The SurrealistsHit Me With the Surreal Feel (1988)
“It’s recorded with one mike and it sounds like it’s 1,000 miles away… It’s like a ghost or memory of an album.”

#5. Bob DylanHighway 61 Revisited (1968)
“I like that this is hilarious. He’s such a funny dude, its ridiculous”

#6. Black FlagLive '84 (1985)
“You know the V8 Interceptor that Mad Max drives? If that car had a band, it would sound like this… It’s just so extreme.”

#7. Bad BrainsRock for Light (1983)
“I listen to this every day… I’ve seen them play live and they best live bands even up against Dirty Three and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. They would shit on Slayer live.”

#8. Einstürzende NeubautenKollaps (1981)
Kollaps was made in a water tower that looks like an alien from War of the World… As soulful as Otis Redding record but it does sound like a building collapsing

#9. Van MorrisonVeedon Fleece (1974)
Veedon Fleece is a beautiful record… My favourite love song is on it Come Here My Love

#10. Alan VegaJukebox Babe (1980)
Alan Vega is the singer from Suicide and this is first solo record… People either get it straight away or they don’t but they’ll get eventually.”

So that is it. What do you think?
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  • AttackRat

    thanks for that

    19. Nov. 2008, 12:45
  • MSP94

    Very cool to see.

    30. Nov. 2008, 6:06
  • cesaporsorpresa

    I love his band and we love Suicide. It's just too beautiful.

    31. Dez. 2008, 18:48
  • procedure4

    Gareth has a Einstürzende tattoo, right?

    9. Jan. 2009, 15:34
  • Mario_Tennis

    yeah on the inside of his left arm i think, cool list!

    13. Jan. 2009, 12:41
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