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Girl in a ComaRubber Ring 16. Dez., 11:22
Holly Golightly & The BrokeoffsDevil Do 16. Dez., 11:18
Eleni MandellGirls 16. Dez., 11:14
The BloodshotsRollin' Out 14. Dez., 10:27
The BloodshotsStraight from Hell 14. Dez., 10:23
The BloodshotsWaste Away 14. Dez., 10:19
The BloodshotsYou Can't Break My Soul 14. Dez., 10:17
OfeliadormeFiery Tail 13. Dez., 12:06
OfeliadormeBloodroot 13. Dez., 12:04
OfeliadormePleasure 12. Dez., 10:02
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Über mich
Birdeatsbaby are far from your average rock band. Incorporating a varied collection of influences, the band combine piano-lead power-pop with orchestral and melodic rock, resulting in something that sounds hauntingly original and delicate.

After forming in 2008 the band became quickly became known for their theatrical and visual live appearances, and their infamous music videos. The most well known being ‘The Trouble’ (directed by Philippa Bloomfield) which has since gained over 150,000 views on YouTube and been shown at many film events across the UK.

In 2010 the band released the cathartic ‘Bigger Teeth’ EP (produced by Marc R Norris of 80s Matchbox B-line Disaster) and played a string of shows across the UK and Europe.

Their most recent album ‘Feast of Hammers’ (produced by Jason Rubal), was released in 2012 and followed up with an extensive tour of America and Europe. During this time the band were hailed as the ‘sound of 2012’, by Simon Price from The Independent, as well as a glowing review of their current album in the newspaper. Ben Graham from The Quietus also described them as “dark, sexual, vulnerable yet strong… like all the best bands”. Tom Robinson from BBC6 Music interviewed the band twice on his introducing show and has continued to play their music on the air.

A collection of cult-like fans follow them to live shows across the globe, proving that Birdeatsbaby are a band that happen once in a lifetime, and have something that all music enthusiasts can enjoy across the genres. Let the music speak for itself.