311 Summer Unity Tour 7/10/10


11. Jul. 2010, 18:59

Sat 10 Jul – 311
The 311 concert was amazing, all the members just oozed talent and put a lot of energy into their show. The set list was

311 Intro
1. Jackpot
2. Homebrew
3. All Mixed Up
4. From Chaos
5. Come Original
6. Taiyed
7. Plain
8. Beautiful Disaster
9. Golden Sunlight
10.Applied Science
11. T & P Combo
12. Mix It Up
13. Nutsymptom
14. You Wouldn’t Believe
15. Something Out Of Nothing
16. Brodels
17. Hey you
18. What Was I Thinking?
19. Amber
20. Creatures
21. Feels So Good
22. Omaha Stylee
23. Down

I would see 311 again in a heart beat if they were to come around again. They are only second to Nine Inch Nails in terms of bands I've seen. I highly recommend anyone seeing them to anyone who has the opportunity to!


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