Ramlord Split W/ Condensed Flesh (Side Wolf Skull)


9. Nov. 2011, 16:29

Ramlord has a split cassette available for order at

or just pick one up at a show, we play all around New England

In grind we crust in the sludge we blacken.


We've already reached our potential
The day we were fucking born!!

An illusion of choice // No solution to progress
Repeat our mistakes // We've run out of options
A pathetic excuse for life // Consume!! Ignore!! Repeat!! Die!!

We live in a world that denounces creative thought
Where happiness is suspicion and life has become a cruel joke
Yet we're willfully conforming to and perpetuating this way of life
what the fuck!?

Restrained to suffer
Restrained to forgive
Restrained to ignore
Restrained to live


Caged in Existence
Battered Wills Broken
Trained to Accept

Breaking Me


Eyes full of dirt, mouth full of blood
Blank stare, Mind Rot



Each day feels like one hundred years
Each minute a knife in my back
I pray for death every second
but my soul is too putrid to take

Born against my will
Cursed with compassion
Twisting the meanings
Warping my actions - fuck this!

At this point in life it's all just another scar on my face
I'm running and fighting, but I know I'll die in this place

Fooled by facades, this worlds subject to so much hate
Blackened by living, lie my head down and go back to sleep


Alone, Deprived
Surprised we’re alive
Absolutely nothing left
Clench my teeth and welcome death

Alone, Decayed
And soon we will fade
Lived on too long for nothing
Nothing but to die

Draw the anchor
And release the sails

Look back at life
Hoping never to return

I start to feel warm
And then I wake up in the cold – again.

Reality begins to flood my brain
Every fucking day I feel the same