What's her name again?


19. Mai. 2008, 2:57

Having a song named after you can be quite an honor. But it really depends on what the song is about. Here are some of my favorite songs named after ladies.

The White Stripes - Now Mary
This is one of my favorite songs. It's simple a relationship that isn't working.
"Now Mary
can't you find a way
to bring me down?"

Franz Ferdinand - Jacqueline
This song doesn't really revolve around Jacqueline, but it is a great song.

Supergrass - Grace
This is an upbeat song about fun-loving kids.

The Police- Roxanne
A classic song about a lady of the night. Easy to learn lyrics.

Björk - Isobel
"Isobel is a woman who was born in a forest from a spark, not a mother or a father." -Björk

The Impossibles - Oh, Angelina
This is a song about a young couple opening up to each other emotionally.
"I would keep your fears a secret
Give my strengths up for your weakness"

My Chemical Romance - Helena
This is a song about death. "Helena" is person has passed.
"What's the worst that I could say
Things are better if I stay
So long and goodnight"

Ash - Nicole
THis is a song about an ex-girlfriend. He now realizes that he made a mistake.
"It's still haunting me night and day, Oh my Nicole"


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