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Pink FloydPigs on the Wing, Pt. 2 17. Jan., 17:21
Pink FloydSheep 17. Jan., 17:11
Pink FloydPigs (Three Different Ones) 17. Jan., 16:59
Pink FloydDogs 17. Jan., 16:42
Pink FloydPigs on the Wing, Pt. 1 17. Jan., 16:41
M PeopleMoving on Up 3. Jan., 22:32
Eric ClaptonStill Got the Blues 3. Jan., 22:26
Yazz & The Plastic PopulationThe Only Way Is Up 3. Jan., 22:20
Dr. AlbanIt's My Life [Radio Edit] 3. Jan., 22:16
D:ReamThings Can Only Get Better 3. Jan., 22:11
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I love Classic Rock, Blues is my first love though so everything i love musically tends to be an off- shoot of that. Recently discovering more folky vibes and am not adverse to the odd bit of Metallica and Avenged Sevenfold. Almost everything else i will listen to and give it the playtime it deserves before loving or condemning.
I like to (try) to keep fit by running, although not doing this as much as i would like, cycling and walking. Music is obviously a key part of my life as is football (American and English equally). Not much else to add, when not listening to music i am usually either on the pc or reading (films if i get time). Friends are, of course, very important and i try to make time when possible to be in their company.

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