So much sucky music.


21. Apr. 2006, 10:30

I've gotta say, I don't have that much music that reflects my beliefs... sure when it comes to explicitly Christian music there are talented musicians and lots of other people doing things well, but I just don't see that much GREAT music coming out.

I am so wanting to be proven wrong. I am so wanting to listen to people who have deep, chunky lyrics that don't just mean something, but cause meaning in other people's lives.

Is that too hard to ask? I mean U2 do it, but they're not in the same category...


  • Skopter

    you should listen to Impending Doom ^.^

    5. Aug. 2008, 14:36
  • LewisCrise

    Traditional Christian is the only truly Christ-centered beautiful, melodic music that has lyrics with true, deep meaning... Most of what is put out today can't even be called Christian. It's just imitations of the world with shallow lyrical content and on rare occasion, even satanic.

    21. Jul. 2011, 23:53
  • Plasmaterial

    Perhaps you should instead listen to music for the *musical* aspect for once. Music speaks to everyone, in a universal language that even poets cannot speak. There is a vast amount of wonderful music in the world, just lots of it takes effort and persistence to find.

    5. Sep. 2012, 23:58
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