Crowbar Day here at BeerMonster Towers


26. Apr. 2006, 9:46


It seems whilst i played these guys heavily when i first joined LastFm i don't seem to have given them much notice over the past few months.

I regard Crowbar as my favourite band at the moment. Their music has everything i look for in music; heavy, heavy and more heavyness. When i've seen them live (first gig was many years ago in LA2 supporting (i think) Naplam Death) Kirk has just rocked the venue to the heavens and back, great band live.

Kirk has a great vocal style and the downtuning of the guitars make the music pound away at it's most slow moments. The general tracks make my head fall in tune and rock away even when i have to turn the music down (damn those phones).

So today is a Crowbar day here at BeerMonster Towers. I have 7 of their CD's ogg'd here so it's going to run for sometime yet :)

Organising the Albums into Fav to least Fav is hard but here goes:

Broken Glass
Sonic Excess in Its Purest Form
Old Fellows Rest
Time Heals Nothing
Lifesblood for the Downtrodden

Hmmm, now that i've written that i think i already might want to change it, but Broken Glass will remain at the top.

Enough my homage to the Mighty 'Bar let the pounding continue....


  • BeerMonster

    Sludge/Doom. Slow mostly but heavy as hell. Have a look there for more as there's not much on LastFM for these guys.

    26. Apr. 2006, 13:42
  • Jim_Lithium

    Funny that you put Equilibrium on the bottom of the list. That's the only Crowbar album I've (so far) ever owned and I actually sold it a while back when I was cleaning my record shelf of all the CD's I hardly listened to. I dunno, I like Crowbar but Equilibrium just didn't 'click' with me. Now it reminds me of a great waste: I paid the full price for it, then not too long after, sold it for not even a 10th of that. :-(

    27. Apr. 2006, 6:54
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