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19. Jul. 2006, 14:04

Feeling Yourself Disintergrate on headphones is happiness.

We just had a Zaireeka party in the library (not as much of a oxymoron as it may seem) We had our minds blown and now we've thought up some weird sort of 'audio gallery' thing inspired by Zaireeka and I've been handed the job of getting Wayne Coyne and/or co. to come see/take over it. For someone as socially retarded as myself that's double the task.

First I have to find three more 'proper' stereos with 'proper' speakers so me and my druggy friends can listen to Zaireeka with 8 cds, 8 stereos, 16 speakers and a lot of green.

Feeling Yourself DisintegrateThe Flaming LipsZaireekaThe Soft Bulletin


  • Mr_Fran

    Wow, how did you do Zaireeka in a library? Must get round to doing it myself sometime, but sack the green, it'll be enough of a mind-bender on its own I bet!

    19. Jul. 2006, 15:41
  • BeenInsane

    It is that was the second time I've listened to it with all four discs. I hear new things alot I listen to the Lips but with Zaireeka it's like listening to a whole new record everytime. The looks on the faces of the students and teachers who know little or nothing about the Lips are priceless, particularly when they're wondering why they just spent 10 minutes crushing themselves under bookcases rearranging the room so that they could be deafened by white noise.

    19. Jul. 2006, 18:22
  • GlueheadRox

    I saw Zaireeka in a store once but it was $50. I regret not buying it as it was gone the last time I looked. That's still the only Flaming Lips album I haven't heard, but I'll get to it eventually. I've been tempted to download that version which has all 4 CD's put together, but I know that wouldn't be the same.

    16. Aug. 2006, 19:55
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