Only Saw Protest The Hero


2. Feb. 2009, 6:23

Sun 1 Feb – As I Lay Dying, Protest the Hero, The Human Abstract, MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE

So, I went to the show only to see Protest The Hero. In my opinon, they were the only band worth seeing at the show tonight.

I arrived during one of The Human Abstract's songs. They were not that bad, but they weren't good either. After them, Protest The Hero started to play. I really enjoyed watching Protest The Hero. They were really good live and Rody Walker said a few jokes that were pretty funny. The only thing I can complain about are the vocals. They were a bit to low during some of the songs; you could barely hear Rody Walker. I left after Protest The Hero finished playing because I did not want to see As I Lay Dying. :P

All in all, it was a great experience. I just wish Protest The Hero wasn't the only good band playing tonight. I wanted my money's worth. Ugh, I hated the "mosh pit"; if you can even call that kung fu practicing circle of scene kids one.:P

I got this shirt btw

Sequoia Throne


  • yggdrasill0117

    That's because The Human Abstract used to be a lot better. They don't have the same guitarist, and have changed style drastically. Nocturne is an amazing album.

    10. Jun. 2009, 17:46
  • Aleckslol

    ohh Yes nocturne is an amazing album. AJ really made the band, since his guitar-work was the only thing I can think of that would be worth seeing, since the vocals are pretty crappy even on most of Nocturne.

    17. Sep. 2009, 7:53
  • Beanerr

    drab and unironic shame on you

    10. Mai. 2012, 0:43
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