Ben Moffett, 40, Männlich, Vereinigte Staaten
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Über mich

My name is Ben Moffett, I was born in Natchez, Mississippi March 14, 1974 in a Shotgun house on location of the saw mill that my great uncle started “Natchez Lumber”. Humble beginnings but comfortable. I spent 17 years in Natchez, growing up like most other kids but around 6th grade in Mrs Daltons Elementary class I began to take interest in drawing illustrations for her bulletin board and she let me. From there I competed in a number of state drawing competitions usually in pencil sketches and even won a 2nd place trophy I think it was in 8th grade. In 12th grade I took a college prep course in drawing to help with my entering college.

College was an eye opener, I realized that I did not know how to draw a straight line. However, I was in my element and begin to quickly succeed in painting, drawing, illustrating and anything else I could get my hands on.

Because I was a Graphic Design Major I had been told that I could not make a living as a fine artist and needed to major in something that I could get a job in. I did just that “GOT A JOB” in my third year of college as a design student and quit school to do it because I had been offered an early design position with a local company.

Fast Forward through burnout of my first job to my stint in Retail for Rhodes Furniture to working in Landscaping then back into design for a print shop to Gerber Childrenswear as a Package Designer and presently contract for Drum Creative ( as a Art Director.

I married my beautiful wife on March 14, 1998 and have two beautiful little children Mason and Kyra. We now live in Greenville, SC and have no plans to ever move. This is my home.

Am I happy? Yes I am, but throughout the years I have wondered why I as an artist stopped painting, I just stopped, no reason, just got busy. Well that had to stop and in March of 2008 I started painting again.

I live to be the best designer I possibly can be, I work everyday to be more creative, I paint because I want to be relevant, different and remembered. I probably will never become the artist | designer I strive to be everyday, but that is what keeps me going.

As an artist everyday is a new day to express myself in a different way.

As a designer I strive everyday to be more creative than the day before.