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CloudkickerWelcome Back Gestern um 10:28
SlipknotSnuff 26. Mär., 13:58
Broken BellsOctober 26. Mär., 13:48
Cat PowerDon't Explain 26. Mär., 13:43
Beth HartDrive 26. Mär., 13:38
Damien RiceI Don't Want to Change You 22. Feb., 14:42
Damien RiceThe Greatest Bastard 22. Feb., 14:37
Damien Rice9 Crimes 22. Feb., 14:32
Damien RiceI Don't Want to Change You 22. Feb., 14:27
A Great Big WorldSay Something 22. Feb., 9:10
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Chocolate is for freedom runners and warriors. And for healthy, good looking people.

.i live for the most seemingly infinitesimal things in life.
.music that is so beautiful it hurts.
.silver flecks in liquid brown eyes.
.those moments your heart jumps and you cant breath.
.yet you smile and inhale with all your being.

.i will not inhibit my behavior or put myself in a fucking box, thank you.

"The long time forgotten PPG, Beata, is on the way in her fancy black dress....ready to rumble."

I'm with the band, baby!

Amoral (FIN)

Apokefale (UA)

Buried Remains (HUN)

Cerebral Bore (UK)

Deathawaits (FR)

Degradead (SWE)

Dystopia (NL)

Fall [HUN]

Legion Of The Damned (NL)

Mörbid Carnage (HUN)

Nigromantia (HUN)

Persistense (NL)

Prédikátor (HUN)

ReSolve (NL)

Sin of God (HUN)

Slecht (BE)

State of Negation (NL)

Sunstroke [HUN]

Tornado, formerly : Nemesis Divina (NL-US->FIN<)

Toscrew (HUN)

Tyrant Goatgaldrakona (HUN)

UnseeN PerceptioN (NL)