30. Dez. 2011, 7:54

After 17 years of bringing you the most wretched Metal I could dig up, BARBARIAN WRATH is closing, effective immediately.

When I started releasing CDs back in 1994 traditional Metal was an endangered species. Wedged between Norsecore and Mallcore there was hardly anyone noticing bands who actually played real Metal. I'm not claiming I was instrumental in the change that has occurred since but I've certainly had my part. Looking at how the traditional Metal scene flourishes today I'm rather satisfied.

Health issues also factor into this decision. There are simply not enough hours in a day to properly deal with my full time job, family obligations, keeping on top of a chronic disease (that can become life threatening if I am not careful) and the label. I've tried just "taking it easy" and it doesn't really work for me, the bands or the customers so the logical step is to end.

I want to thank those bands who have trusted me with their precious creations and have not stabbed me in the back when they had the chance. I'm looking forward to pissing on the graves of those who couldn't wait to do just so. You know who you are.


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