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Juno Reactor vs. Don DavisThe Trainman Cometh 19. Jul. 2010
Marilyn MansonThis Is the New Shit 19. Jul. 2010
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PropellerheadsSpybreak 19. Jul. 2010
Don DavisNiobe's Run 19. Jul. 2010
MinistryBad Blood 19. Jul. 2010
Don DavisMoribund Mifune 19. Jul. 2010
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Lunatic CalmLeave You Far Behind 19. Jul. 2010
The ProdigyMindfields 19. Jul. 2010
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  • xocindy16

    I totally agree with you. Daniel is always very honest and freindly. I really thought that Elijah rocked so I hope he comes back soon but the new guys are doing a freakin excellent job too. How can I get a hold of them? I lost an autograph they gave me a few years ago and need a new one. xo

    27. Jul. 2010 Antworten

    Welcome aboard, BabyEternity! Happy listening.

    8. Jun. 2010 Antworten

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I spend 90% of my time working on either my duties as Editor in Chief of YPA Press ( or founder of Outlet Thru Noise ( When I'm not doing that, I'm listening to music, watching television shows with friends, going to Ginnie Springs to relax on the lazy river, or talking to my extended family and crew the famous HUC.
As you can see I like a wide variety of music, but am always looking for new stuff.