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29. Mär. 2010, 18:45

The idea is for a journal for every month listing new albums I listen to and what I think so that when I review the year's music in December, I will have a handy reminder.

I will add to this as the month goes on. Suggestions welcome.

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w/c Mon 29th March:

Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs - Medicine County
The British singer-songwriter and bandmate Lawyer Dave wrote their third album in a Georgia farmhouse. (Spinner) Typical Holly - elegant and sophisticated. Ethereal in places. Alt-country but she does it her way. Gorgeous as per.
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AutoKratz - Animal
British electronica. Originally released last year, rereleased for bigger market. 80s electro. Bit late joining the party but Ashes To Ashes is back so ok. Had enough by track 3. It's good, but average. I'll put it on next time I'm in a party mood or on the exercise bike.
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Christian Scott - Yesterday You Said Tomorrow
The New Orleans-based Grammy-nominated jazz trumpeter releases his fifth album. (Spinner) Experimental, avant-garde jazz. He's done a cover of Thom Yorke's track The Eraser. Didn't add anything to it but it got my attention. The Eraser.
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Martin Sexton - Sugarcoating
Acoustic folk, soul. Accomplished but not really my cup of tea.
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Dum Dum Girls - I Will Be
The all-girl noise-pop group release this hard-hitting debut album. (Spinner) 60s pop, proto-punk, early girl groups. Debut album. Like this from the off.

Free the Robots - Ctrl Alt Delete
Two years after his debut EP, electronic artist Chris Alfaro finally comes out with his first full-length. (Spinner) Jazz, electronic, hip-hop. Very good. Influences and inspiration from all over the show.

Bonobo - Black Sands
They know what they're doing.
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w/c Mon 5 April:

Jónsi - Go
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Christy & Emily - No Rest
The minimalist psychedelic pop duo return with their third album, produced by Hans Joachim Irmler of Faust. (Spinner) Gentle, spacey and floaty. Enjoyed this.
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Judson Claiborne - Time And Temperature
The former Low Skies member and his Chicago-based band release their second album. (Spinner) Lo-fi, post-rock, dreamy and downtempo with a touch of alt-country. Last track, Moonraker, reminded me of Gomez - Tijuana Lady.

Hypernova - Through The Chaos
This is the debut LP of the New York-based rock band that originally hails from Iran.
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Reco of the Week 6 April

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings - I Learned the Hard Way
Sophisticated and grown up, it's easy to play on repeat. Love this.
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Jakob Dylan - Women and Country
The Wallflowers frontman collaborates with Neko Case and T-Bone Burnett on his second solo album. (Spinner) I seem to keep finding mellow downtempo this week. Another easy-listen album, well done and well put together. Sunday afternoon and rainy day music. Comforting and soothing.
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Rufus Wainwright - All Days Are Nights: Songs For Lulu
Stunning piano. Absolutely beautiful. Closer to contemporary classical than pop. If he did an album of just the piano alone, I'd like to listen. Lyrically rich, it's going to take me some time to get to know this album. Melancholic but not downtempo. Thoughtful. It seems every album of his is a masterpiece. This is another one.
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Jordi Savall - Bach: Brandenburg Concertos
I like Jordi Savall. I like Bach. We're in business.
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Slash - Slash
Classic rock / hard rock featuring Slash and his friends - Ian Astbury, Ozzy Osborne, Fergie, Myles Kennedy, Chris Cornell, Wolfmother, Adam Levine, Lemmy Kilmister, Dave Grohl, Duff McKagan, Kid Rock, M. Shadows, Rocco DeLuca and Iggy Pop. Basically, if you want classic rock, this is it for the year, all here. And it's good.
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Angélique Kidjo - OYO
The Beninese singer follows up 2007's Djin Djin with her ninth album. (Spinner) Primarily covers. Easy listening, classic soul, R&B, african, world music. Alright, but I wouldn't say essential listening.
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w/c Mon 12 April:

Growing - PUMPS!
The ambient trio releases its first album with new member Sadie Laska. (Spinner) The exclamation mark is correct. EBM, ambient, drone. Brilliant. Really like this. And goes well with the hammering and drilling construction work going on nearby. I'm so urban.
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Civil Twilight - Civil Twilight
Debut album from alternative rock trio originally from South Africa. Sounds like U2. Intriguing intro music to opener, Anybody Out There. Musically, their debt is to Coldplay and Radiohead. It's like 80s Bono singing to today's music. Like it.
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Harlem - Hippies
Sounds like 60s rock and roll - The Beatles, The Kinks. Lo-fi, indie, punk. They're the ones who say they're "covered in bbq sauce". Sunny, summery sound. Listened despite myself. Upbeat and cheerful.
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Javelin - No Más
The New York-based cousin duo's first album mixes samples of all genres layered over traditional instruments. (Spinner) They're supporting Yeasayer concerts right now. As eclectic as Yeasayer but less exciting. A good listen, nonetheless. Really like the very short tracks, The Merkin Jerk and Goal/Wide.
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John Butler Trio - April Uprising
Commercial radio music. It's alright. Roots-rock, acoustic, folk, rock. Got to track 3 and moved on.
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Matt Pond PA - The Dark Leaves
Their eighth album. Rather bland beginning but I like track 3, Specks. Indie pop, mid to downtempo. Hit and miss. Moved on at track 7.

Love Is All - Two Thousand And Ten Injuries
The melodic New Wave meets punk rock band return with another ecstatic album. (Spinner) At last, something to listen to. Liked this as soon as first track started. I like my bright 60s pop. Mad melodies mixed up with punk. Music that makes you smile. Brilliant.
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Jeff Beck - Emotion & Commotion
The famed guitarist's latest album features a 64-piece orchestra and diverse covers. (Spinner) The genius returns. Spectacular. 5/5 Nessun Dorma and There's No Other Me (feat. Joss Stone) in particular are sensational.
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Freelance Whales - Weathervanes
The NYC-based indie pop band brings a plethora of unconventional instruments on its debut. (Spinner) Soft, upbeat and cheerful. Bells and all sorts of instruments that catch your ear. Vocals and some of the pop melodies reminded me of Mew, who make me smile. So this made me smile too. Less excitable than Mew, but pretty.

Kaki King - Junior Her fifth album. What a joy this is. Played it on repeat all week and there's still more to hear. So intricate but she makes it sound effortless. My Nerves that Committed Suicide is post-rock gorgeousness.

Sin Ropas - Holy Broken
The duo's fourth album blends alt-country, pop, psychedelic rock and more. (Spinner) Liked this on first listen. Really blossoms in spring sunshine. Upbeat and bright, fuzzy, hazy and woozy. Perfect for lazing.
Pitchfork review

Mark Sultan - $
The Canadian musician, aka BBQ, releases a new album with Bloodshot Bill. (Spinner) More barbecue references? New trend? I must want cheery music. Fabulous garage rock. Wonderful, addictive album.

Rifoki - Sperm Donor EP
Electronic stalwarts Steve Aoki and Bloody Beetroots' Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo team up to form this hardcore act. (Spinner) Loud, mad, short EP. Over before you know it.
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The Contrast - God Of Malfunction
The UK band's sixth album features Steven Van Zandt executive producer. (Spinner) More summer sunshine music! Guitar pop but with an American edge, kind of reminds me of Grantura. Rock and roll.
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The Nels Cline Singers - Initiate
The Wilco guitarist releases the fourth album with his free jazz trio. (Spinner) Jazz rock, instrumental, avant-garde. Earnest and serious. Very little humour. Quite intense even where it's trying to be light. Zingiber and Into It (You Turn) are gorgeous, sort of swirly and swoony, little whirlpools of music. Don't like the far out experimental ones. 20 tracks. Thurston County quite Radiohead-y. Brilliant end to the album with Boogie Woogie Waltz, psychedelic and trippy.
All About Jazz review

Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip - The Logic Of Chance
A follow up to their first collaboration, England's electronic hip-hop duo return and take on the subject of knife crime (Spinner) Explicit. Love the opener, Sick Tonight, and it continued in the same high quality throughout. Great album.
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Trampled By Turtles - Palomino
The acoustic bluegrass rockers play soulful roots music on their latest full-length album. (Spinner) Done well finding summery music this week. Knees up bluegrass. Have to tap a foot or nod along at the very least. Infectiously happy. Enjoyed this. Loving the banjo the best.

w/c Mon 19 April:

Gotan Project - Tango 3.0
Good but expected better.
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She & Him - Volume Two
It's Monday and I'm not in the best mood. Found this dull. Shame. Waited so long to hear it too. Got to track 8 and couldn't take anymore.
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Paul Weller - Wake Up the Nation
Thank goodness for proper music. 5/5 perfection. Fantastic musicianship, Paul Weller just gets better and better.
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Plan B - The Defamation of Strickland Banks
Flavour of the month. Everybody's going mad over this, it's everywhere. Soul, Motown, pop. She Said is fantastic.
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The Apples In Stereo - Travellers in Space and Time
Robert Schneider's experimental indie group brings a '70s vibe on its seventh album. (Spinner) Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)! haha Brilliant. Dispelled my Monday blues.
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Grateful Dead - Crimson, White & Indigo: Philadelphia, July 7, 1989
Epic, three-disc, previously unreleased live set. (Spinner) Monday just got beautiful. Nobody is streaming the whole thing, it seems, but something is better than nothing. Glorious.
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Arcadia - So Red The Rose
The 1985 album from the Duran Duran side project, featuring Sting and David Gilmour, gets reissued. (Spinner) When Duran Duran split in 1984, we thought that was the end of them. They split into two: one gave us this thoughtful album, with touches of ambient and Japan, the other leaned towards pure rock. Both were great.
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Roky Erickson with Okkervil River - True Love Cast Out All Evil
The Austin singer-songwriter teamed with the indie band for his first album of new material in 14 years. (Spinner) Beautiful album. Alt-country and indie together. Lo-fi, rough and ready, scratchy and imperfect.
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Shelby Lynne - Tears, Lies and Alibis or is it Tears, Lies, And Alibis
The genre-bending country singer's 11th album is the first to be released on her own label. (Spinner) Not awful, just didn't give my ears anything to listen to. Bland.

Ozomatli - Fire Away
The Latin/hip-hop/rock group's fifth album features Jack Johnson on the single 'It's Only Paper.' (Spinner) As soon as this started, I knew it wouldn't go anywhere. Track 2, I'm over it already. Oh, Jack Johnson. No wonder. Next.

The Depreciation Guild - Spirit Youth
The electronic-infused indie-pop group follows up its 2008 debut album. (Spinner) Shoegaze, dream pop opener. Nice but doesn't lift off. On track 3 now and I have itchy fingers... Worth sticking with. Doesn't get any better, but more of the same isn't that bad. Quite nice. Title track, Spirit Youth, is worth waiting for. Upside down album, all the life and excitement are at the end.
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Earl Greyhound - Suspicious Package
The hard-rocking blues trio from New York returns with its second album. (Spinner) Hehe. Hippies rule. A pleasure and a joy from the start. 60s psychedelia, garage rock, proper classic rock. Second listen and I wondered if it was the same album. Never known this before. Loved it first listen, didn't recognise it on the second. Bizarre. And didn't like second play. Will be back for a third. What will this magic mushroom of an album give me next?! Yep, third play, don't recognise it again. Will I ever get to know this album?

The Mynabirds - What We Lose in the Fire We Gain in the Flood
Singer Laura Burhenn mixes soul and country on her latest project's first LP. (Spinner) Gentle jazz and country with a slight edge, just enough to keep you interested. Classy without glamour or polish.

The Fall - Your Future Our Clutter
Loved this! The best album since... the last one. Always a pleasure, never a chore. In my opinion, maybe the best ever. But I'm bound to say that.
We7 |

The National - High Violet
Many of the tracks also feature contributions from other artists, including members of Arcade Fire and Bon Iver. (Amazon) Am I in a good mood or is this their best album ever. Doesn't seem as dark, but then darkness is harder to appreciate in glorious sunshine. Will try this again at night. Loving it so far.
Streaming in The New York Times till 27 April, ahead of release.

(will fix this later)
The Cush - Between the Leaves
The Vermont-based husband-and-wife duo release their third album of psychedelic pop. (Spinner) Soft and gentle though not without surprises. Moments of thrashy guitars and other loud noises to pique the interest, but like noises in the night, soon melt away so you can go back to dreaming. Don't expect to fall asleep listening to this, but it will help get you ready.

Jahcoozi - Barefoot Wanderer
The Berlin-based trio brings international rhythms and rhymes on its third release. (Spinner) Dubstep, grime, urban, hip-hop. Some very nice sounds here.



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    Nice one for the fall, top class. Must check out the Jeff Beck!!

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