What To Do With Tracks You Love, Love, Love


16. Aug. 2007, 20:48

It all began with Wack Wack. Where to put this so I can hear it again and again, as often as I wanted??

Thinking cap went on... had a brainwave... build that playlist thingy that's been staring me in the face tantalisingly for ages!

Wack Wack went straight in.

But I need a shedload of tracks to make it work. Now what? :s

Thinking cap went on... had a brainwave... go through Top Tracks, pick a few, and at the same time, play my Top-Rated track in my iTunes. And try and keep up! All before dinner and tonight's episode of 'House'.

I rather like the nice little mix I'm making. Crosses every genre I like, and all tracks are those I hit 'Love' repeatedly for every time they come on.

For my next trick, I shall be visiting your page - yes, YOURS, and nabbing whatever takes my fancy. ; )

Can you see this? It's the selection of tracks in the playlist. There are 53 so far, but there will be plenty more. I've barely scratched the surface. In there, there's folk, rock, alt-country, proper country, electronica, ambient, world, opera, classical, contemporary instrumental, experimental all-sorts, film soundtracks, pop, disco, dance, trance, jazz (and indie, whatever that means nowadays). The criteria is they have to just utterly beautiful, or plain fun. That's it, that's all.

I've added tracks that don't have blue or gold triangles yet. One can only live in hope and maybe they'll be here too, one day.

Happy listening! : )
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  • ArtBear

    Well, I am not a fan of lists. I think I have very few favourite tracks as I can remember. I like to listen to my favourite music as whole albums instead of cutting it into pieces. And lists that is streching over all kinds of genres always makes me a little confused =/

    16. Aug. 2007, 22:58
  • Babs_05

    I know what you mean. I was of the same mind until, one day, I had a look at my 'top-rated' tracks in my iTunes. I let it play on random and I really surprised myself. I didn't think I could handle cross-tempo, let alone cross-genres. Now I have to hold back on turning up the volume! I sing-along and forget the windows are open! :D I think it's because each song means so much to me. These really are tracks I'm bananas about. I can't add tracks I've hammered lately, I need to take a little break from those. But the oldies and new/old favourites, they're all a joy.

    16. Aug. 2007, 23:06
  • Babs_05

    Hi Jencat! : ) Nice to see you. Thanks for fixing the link. Bit difficult to see my end, plus I didn't really know what I was looking for. I started playing it for the first time yesterday, and it just made me smile! That's all I can say. It's a very personal playlist, so it may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's definitely mine.

    19. Aug. 2007, 13:38
  • IanAR

    Babs - I've just remembered more of the back story on how I 'discovered' this track. I told you I'd found it on a comp' - it was a Kent Records compilation, Kent Stop Dancing (1984), to be exact. I'd heard a couple of tracks on [i]The John Peel Show[/i] and'd gone out to buy it. [img]http://www.discogs.com/image/R-848098-1165067874.jpeg[/img] I played [i]Wack Wack[/i] to Chris Bangs who loved it an made it a regular part of his set. The track quickly spread to the play-lists of Gilles Peterson, Bob Jones, Bob Masters, Pete Tong and other notable DJs on the scene. Soon the track was a staple tune and could be heard several times a night on jazzier weekend dance floors, across SE England. - Best, Ian

    21. Aug. 2007, 13:07
  • Babs_05

    Thanks Ian. : ) I told you I knew it really well. I must have heard it on John Peel's show! Do you know what? I reminds of the music the BBC used to play when the test card was on! I was one of those kids who put it on, turned it up, and got my brothers and sisters to rock out to those hip tunes! I used to wait for Daydream Believer. Happy days! [img]http://www.spaghetti-factory.co.uk/spagpx/testcard.jpg[/img]

    21. Aug. 2007, 15:15
  • talking_animal

    Yeah, not enough people use the playlist feature. I myself like to put stuff that's gold-triangled, just so that if someone really likes it, she can stop back and listen to it over and over again. Cheers!

    22. Aug. 2007, 20:32
  • Bardhlul

    For some reason the link takes me back to my own playlist, but I like the way you think!

    22. Sep. 2007, 21:22
  • Babs_05

    How about this? http://www.last.fm/listen/user/Babs_05/playlist : )

    22. Sep. 2007, 22:04
  • Bardhlul

    Yes! :D

    27. Sep. 2007, 23:17
  • fluffygrue

    Ahh, playlists rock. They're nice for when I'm not at home and want to listen to good/obscure music. And also, they're nice for discovering new artists.. I'm a fiend for listening to peoples' playlists. Mine's at about.. er.. 350 tracks by now. :D

    4. Okt. 2007, 9:39
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