May live music strike you dead! #9: Patrick Wolf, Sesto al Reghena, August 8th 2009


9. Aug. 2009, 12:18


1. Che farò senza Euridice? (from Christoph Willibald Gluck's aria) > Enchanted
2. Wolf Song
3. Pigeon Song (arranged as in The Spinster's live track)
4. Wind In The Wires
5. Blackdown >
6. Bluebells
7. Paris
8. The Bachelor (with "I Wanna Be a Witchman" intro)
9. Damaris
10. Theseus (with Joni Mitchell's All I Want improv at the end)
11. Hard Times
12. Augustine
13. Hyperballad (Björk's cover) >
14. Ghost Song >
15. Teignmouth
16. Who Will
17. The Magic Position

A setlist like the one above must be quite self-explanatory to a Patrick Wolf's fan. For those who are not (yet), I just can say that every single second of the concert was spectacular and stunning. Patrick was at his best: he opened the show singing in italian (he later explained to me that he used to sing that part of the aria from "Orpheus and Eurydice" as a 9-year-old choirboy, and felt it fit the setting). He sang and played with his violinist (also very good) for about 2 hours, radiating passion and beauty in perfect sympathy with the beautiful churchyard, glimmering in his golden make-up, sometimes so immersed in his singing that it seemed to be serenading his own soul to the moon, shining high over the clocktower.

The highlights of the show were a surprising rendition for piano and violin of Paris and a breathtaking rendition of Björk's Hyperballad.

Not only he's a great heir of Marc Almond's music: he's a unique artist in his own right, a young, brilliant musical mind and body that must be followed with ever growing attention.

Sab 8 Ago – Patrick Wolf, Cranes


  • Trixie79

    ah,ma tu sei quello che gli ha chiesto della prima canzone...ero dietro a te per l'autografo! Concordo su ogni singola parola che hai detto.Davvero un bellissimo concerto!

    9. Aug. 2009, 19:20
  • karinochild

    anche io ero dietro a te per l'autografo! ahah. in effetti mi domandavo cosa gli avessi chiesto, ho colto solo la prima parte della risposta!

    10. Aug. 2009, 2:34
  • Babooshko

    Ahahah, volevo troppo togliermi la curiosità su quel suo guizzo in italiano a inizio concerto! Ha anche detto che col suo coro ha girato un po' l'Italia! Comunque lui continuava a elogiare l'italiano, e a quanto pare non erano solo frasi di circostanza: sulla sua pagina di Twitter ha scritto in italiano mentre era a Sesto! Che tesoro, il Patrizio :)

    10. Aug. 2009, 5:41
  • gobacktosleep

    "Ho anche a imparare il mio testo in italiano di boschetti stasera dio sa quanto tempo questo mi porterà." ahaha che persona adorabile!

    10. Aug. 2009, 20:46
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