• ))))Songs I'm learning or can play on guitar ((((

    16. Mai. 2008, 3:10

    YES I do know stairway, message in a bottle and One by mettallica, beast in the harlot and other good stuff. But everyone knows that. I play stuff I like a lot.

    this is most memeroble so far. Started playing at christmas, ive been told i'm pretty good for 3 and1/2 months.

    Feel free if to leave comments if you think i should learn something. (take note all punk songs are so easy they arn't even worth trying to "learn." They take all of 3 secs to get. I like a little challenge)

    Remember, i don't strive to play all guitar hero songs or only awesome hit singles.
    I Know, i don't play much classic rock. I'm just more in to modern stuff now. If you think of any non overplayed ones i might try them.
    Seven Nation Army - now complety mastered, got my whammy pedal so i can play fake bass. yes!

    Icky Thump - Almost blew out the amp with more whammy pedal schreeching high notes

    Black Math - rocking, enough said

    Death Letter - Slide action! cool stuff check out vid

    Catch Hell Blues - More Slide action ROCK

    Hardest Button to Button - easy, but fun. play with stop motion animation movements ;p

    There are many more stripes tunes I know, these are my favorites to play.
    The White Stripes
    Steady As She Goes - I Try and play bass and guitar at same time

    Broken Boy Soldier -wierd cool ontro

    Hands - reminds me of a girl i know

    Imtimate Secretary - Are You Part of The Catisocracy?
    I am

    Level - Golden check out live music video

    Consoler of the Lonely - New, Figured it out by myself

    Top Youself- cool slide riff

    You Don't Understand Me - Sat down at the paino for the first time in like eight years and figured it out.
    The Raconteurs

    Woman - awesome

    Joker And The Thief - awesome intro

    White Unicorn - nice chord ringing

    Mind's Eye - mellow then explodes

    Tales - only wolfmother song here i haven't mastered yet

    Vagabound - Niccccccccce



    Hyper music - still working on it. hard

    Bliss - so just &%^$#!! amazing (and not to hard either)

    Hysteria - muse rocks

    Invicible - still working on tapping solo, hope i'll devolop a tenth of the talent Matt Bellemy has

    Knights of Cydonia - fast strumming, and whammy FUN Muse


    Bullet - new band, great stuff. LISTEN TO THEM

    The Parlor Mob
    Cherub Rock- Still haven't gotten to solo, so catchy

    1979 - piece of cake, nice and mellow
    The Smashing Pumpkins

    The Skin On My Country Yellow Teeth - Easy but fun

    Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

    Vertigo - U23D = great movie

    Miricle Drug- solo so simple, so epic

    Sunday Bloody Sunday - Recognizable, trying to get my drummer friend to play with me

    edge, one of few "guitar heroes"

    When You were Young - This guys stuff is harder than it sounds. Have new respect for him
    The Killers

    Little Sister - QOTSA They have such wierd tunings its not even funny. Luckily you don't have to change tuning for this one.

    Queens of the Stone Age
    Sleep Now In The Fire - awsome. Defines a hard rock song. Rock on Tommy M.

    Guerilla Radio - Great whammy pedal solo

    Voice of The Voiceless - whammy pedal turining the dial all over the place. People have no idea how you make the sound ;p

    Calm Like A Bomb - More Bass imitating

    Rage Agaist the Machine


    Lazy Eye - First real song i ever played, figured it out by myself! i was so proud.

    Little Lover's So Polite - mesmarizing

    [Silversun Pickups
    I Believe In A Thing Called Love - Wierd hair metal style playing fun but hard
    The Darkness


    Reptillia - Epic So Fun and catchy.
    2 guitar sharing lead. Watch video if you haven't.
    The Strokes
    A Punk - all VW is easy but fun

    Vampire Weekend

    Tried "Snow - He oh" by RHCP but it was so hard i decided to wait.