Ratatat in Denver


3. Sep. 2008, 7:04

Tue 2 Sep – Ratatat
E*Rock was all right, just a bit too much going on all at once in his music. Some of it was really good though.
Panther was decent, though I didn't get into a lot of it.

Ratatat blew everyone away. They started off a bit slow, then banged out a few great songs from the new album. Obvious hits were performed well and had everyone dancing, same with the lesser known songs. The show was sold out, so I decided to stay upstairs all night with the cool kids. Some crowd surfing went on that I'm glad to have seen from a distance. There was some weird guy with an erasable writing board and some light helmet thing, I guess it was performance art.
Here are a few tracks I can remember that they played:
Falcon Jab
Loud Pipes
Mumtaz Khan
Mirando (along with the video based on Predator footage)
Seventeen Years


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