• Upcoming concerts...

    12. Mär. 2008, 3:53

    Well, I'm pretty pumped because I'm going to see Feist (Athens, OH) in April, Radiohead(Charlotte, NC) in May, and Cross Canadian Ragweed(Cleveland, OH) in June.

    But the best part? The CCRw show is on my graduation day and I'm going to see them live (again) instead of walking at commencement! This is very exciting for me. And the best way I can think of ending my college career: beer in hand in the front row at the best live show in existence - unarguably better than walking across a field in a black robe. My friends think it's weird, but to be completely honest, the only people I care about to help me celebrate this are my family and they're going to the concert with me and that is perfect. If I didn't go, I'd be pissed all day that I'd be missing it.

    Anyway... it'll be good to hear some live music again after being so cut off for three months abroad... Hope you're all staying warm!